What time of year is best for mackerel fishing UK?

What time of year is best for mackerel fishing UK?

Early autumn can provide the best of both worlds for anglers, as there is often overlap between the summer and winter species. In fact, in some parts of the UK, it is possible for anglers spinning for summer mackerel to catch an autumn/winter cod on their lures during the autumn months.

What is the best bait for mackerel?

“The most effective way of catching mackerel is to use a string of feathers. These basic lures are retrieved through the water, mimicking small baitfish, such as sand eels, which is the staple diet of mackerel. Any colour seems to work, from plain white through to vivid day-glo orange.

Where can I fish for mackerel?

The best places to catch mackerel are piers and rocks, both of which are already in deeper water. Mackerel don’t normally come in too close to the beach. This doesn’t mean that they don’t but as a general rule you’ll get much better results if you’re fishing away from the beach. The best baits are the shiny ones.

What time of year can you fish for mackerel?

General information. Mackerel are seasonal fish and usually arrive in our waters around late spring and leave early autumn… BUT… For the last two years, the mackerel have been arriving late September and staying through to January/February.

Is there a mackerel season?

Mackerel are migratory and come to the UK in spring and early summer, when they will feed actively and then migrate to warmer seas in the autumn months to spawn, during which time they will feed little. In some places around the south of the UK mackerel are now only absent during the winter months.

What time of day is best for mackerel fishing?

The best time of day to catch mackerel is at dawn or dusk and at high tide. But you can catch them all day. It’s exciting stuff, mackerel fishing, especially with a full set of six lively fish on the line at once – it’ll certainly put a pleasing bend in your rod.

When is the best time to catch mackerel?

Fishing season for mackerel runs from May to September. During the end of spring, mackerel begin to journey from deeper oceans into shallow riverbeds and waterfronts for mating season. They remain close to the surface during this time, so they are easier to catch.

Where to find the best mackerel in the UK?

One of the prime mackerel locations in the country is Chesil Beach, in Dorset. This linear shingle storm beach stretches from Portland to West Bay. It’s a hugely popular fishing spot, but with over 18 miles of beach available, you’ll always find an area from which to fish.

How long is the Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip?

Three hour deep sea fishing trips 8.30am till 11.30am. Other times available. Harry May’s name is synonymous with Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips.

Where does Nick’s mackerel fishing and boat trips take place?

Nick runs one-hour mackerel fishing trips from the Cobb Harbour in Lyme Regis several times a day. You can sightsee while we cruise, fish for mackerel or just sit back, relax, enjoy the wonderful sea air and views. Our deep sea fishing trips last 3 hours.

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