When to wear a Scala hat or cap?

When to wear a Scala hat or cap?

Since 1988, combined style with function, to keep wearers’ fashion identities well ahead of the coming trends. The beauty of a Scala hat or cap is that it can be worn for any occasion. Dress hats, casual caps — are even perfect for a beach day. You can bring your hat on a business trip or a vacation, to a celebration or to a quiet cocktail meeting.

What kind of Fedora do Scala hats come in?

The Encore Premium Wool Felt Pork Pie hat features Scala’s signature satin lining and leather sweatband, a… One look at this dapper topper, and you will fall in love! With its sleek, center dent design, and classic wool felt fabric, our Scala Uptown Premium Wool Felt Detroit Fedora is a looker. Premium qual…

How big is the brim on a Scala Toyo hat?

The Scala Toyo Safari Hat comes in a really nice ivory color and has the look of a classic safari hat. This 100% toyo hat has a ribbon style design, a brim that is just over 2″ wide, and a… The Scala Sinamay Headband Fascinator is an elegant headband that is sure to provide an extra level of fashion to your outfit.

What kind of wool is a Scala hat made of?

Sophisticated yet simple and classy, the Grace cloche by Scala is the perfect hat to compliment your unique style. The Grace cloche is made of boiled wool, making it warm, soft, and comfortable, and i…

Is the Scala Classico men’s crushable felt Outback hat?

With a water-repellant construction, this hat will keep you dry. UNCOMPROMISING – Scala means style and function uncompromised. With this crushable outback felt hat, you can enjoy a classic outdoors look imbued with an extra degree of sophistication.

Is the Scala sun hat crushable or water repellant?

WATER-REPELLANT – We don’t sacrifice style for function, and this crushable outdoor sun hat works when it’s cold and wet as well. With a water-repellant construction, this hat will keep you dry, and with a suave felt style, you’ll want to keep it on as much as you’ll need to keep it on. UNCOMPROMISING – Scala means style and function uncompromised.

What kind of hats do Scalia hats wear?

This collection of hat styles, thoughtful craftsmanship and machine-like consistency is evident in each and every item. This brand has established itself as a trendsetting sartorial maven. Scalia hats may even be so delicately created as to be considered an inspiration.

What kind of Fedora do you wear in Scala?

Our Scala Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Dress Hat can wear the elements with a water repellant finish, and a crushable design… With a hat from Scala, you know you are getting quality craftsmanship and tradition. Our Scala Classico Hand Made Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Hat features a luxe, black wool felt design with coordinati…

What kind of hats do Gondoliers wear at Scala?

It’s most commonly seen on gondoliers and on men in a barbershop quartets, but it’s a great style to class up your look. It is made of 10/11 mm laichow braid and has a… This gambler style hat is made of organic raffia and trimmed with a palm/pineapple print hatband.

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