Which was the cruelest army in ww2?

Which was the cruelest army in ww2?

The Soviet Army (known as the Red Army before 1946), more so than any other army, was responsible for turning the tide of World War II.

Who was the most decorated German soldier of ww2?

Hans-Ulrich Rudel
Hans-Ulrich Rudel (2 July 1916 – 18 December 1982) was a German ground-attack pilot during World War II, in which he was the most decorated German serviceman and the only recipient of the Knight’s Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds.

What is the deadliest army?

Below, we have compiled the 16 most dangerous special forces in the world based on their training, weapons, and achievements.

  1. Special Air Service (SAS) – United Kingdom.
  2. Navy SEALs – The United States.
  3. Shayetet 13 – Israel.
  4. Alpha Group – Russia.
  5. Delta Force (1st SFOD-D) – USA.
  6. Special Air Service Regiment – Australia.

Does Germany still use Iron Cross?

The Iron Cross still rates as Germany’s most famous military insignia, but its role has been reduced to that of a black and white emblem on the aircraft, tanks and warships of the post-war armed forces. It was dropped as a medal in 1945.

What did Lesley McNair do in World War 2?

In July 1944, McNair was in France to observe troops in action during Operation Cobra, and add to the FUSAG deception by making the Germans believe he was in France to exercise command.

Where did Leslie Groves serve in World War 1?

After the traditional month’s leave following graduation from West Point, Groves reported to Camp A. A. Humphreys, Virginia, in December 1918, where he was promoted to first lieutenant on 1 May 1919. He was sent to France in June on an educational tour of the European battlefields of World War I.

Who was a lieutenant general in World War 2?

Along with Frank Maxwell Andrews, Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr., and Millard Harmon, he was one of four American lieutenant generals who died in World War II. McNair’s tombstone originally indicated his rank of lieutenant general. In 1954, Buckner and he were posthumously promoted to general by an act of Congress.

When did Leslie Groves retire from West Point?

Groves went on to become a vice president at Sperry Rand, an equipment and electronics firm, and moved to Darien, Connecticut, in 1948, and retired at age 65 in 1961. He also served as president of the West Point alumni organization, the Association of Graduates.

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