Who are the mascots for the Asian Games?

Who are the mascots for the Asian Games?

On November 4, 2010, three Spotted seal siblings were unveiled as the official mascots of the Games in Songdo Island, Incheon. The three seals, known as “Barame (바라메)”, “Chumuro (추므로)” and “Vichuon (비추온)”, meaning wind, dance and light in Korean, were chosen under the theme of the main venue. The prototype was taken from Baengnyeongdo.

What’s the name of the elephant at the Asian Games?

Elephant is a very distinctive animal which has lived with the people of Thailand for many generations and is universally admired for its strengths and nobility. The mascot’s name “Chai-yo”, is usually shouted by a group of people to show their unity and solidarity.

Where was the Asian Games held in 2014?

Part of a series on. The 2014 Asian Games (Korean: 2014년 아시안 게임, translit. 2014nyeon asian geim, Hanja:2014年 아시안 게임), officially known as the 17th Asian Games, was a pan-Asian multi-sport event held in Incheon, South Korea.

Who is the mascot for the Vietnam SEA Games?

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Why was Duria chosen as the Asian Games mascot?

To provide a distinct image, Duria the seagull was chosen as the mascot for the Asian Games. The bird, which represented unity between the Asian countries, stood with a message ‘You and me together’. During the Games in Doha, the national animal was chosen as the mascot.

Who are the hosts of the Asian Games?

Approximately 9,501 athletes participated in the event which featured 439 events in 36 sports. It was opened by the President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium. The final medal tally was led by China, followed by the host South Korea and Japan, while Cambodia won its first-ever Asian Games gold medal.

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