Will fans be allowed at Camelback Ranch?

Will fans be allowed at Camelback Ranch?

In regards to capacity, the stadium will allow 2,400 socially-distanced fans per game, which is 18 percent of full capacity. Tickets will be sold on a single-game basis in pods of two, four and six tickets each. Each pod will be a minimum of six feet from each other.

What city is Camelback Ranch in?

Located on Camelback Road in Phoenix, just west of State Farm Stadium and Gila River Arena, the 141 acre Sonoran Desert-inspired facility, shared with the Chicago White Sox, features more than just top-quality playing fields; the grounds also feature picturesque walking trails, one-of-a-kind fan photo opportunities and …

What city do the Cubs play in?

Chicago, IL
Chicago Cubs/Locations

Can you bring a Hydroflask to a baseball game?

Fans are permitted to bring in factory sealed bottles of water or empty plastic reusable bottle 32 ounce or less in size. Non-sealed water bottles, reusable metal or glass bottles, or any bottle larger than 32 ounces in size is prohibited.

Can you bring water into spring training games?

The information below addresses frequently asked questions about policies and procedures at spring training ballparks. You can bring in water. You can take in water, or an empty water bottle/container for it, at all ballparks. Most allow a single sealed (not opened yet) plastic water bottle per fan.

Where is the Camelback Ranch in Phoenix AZ?

Camelback Ranch–Glendale is a stadium in Phoenix, Arizona owned by the city of Glendale, Arizona and operated by Camelback Spring Training LLC.

When did Camelback Ranch open for spring training?

Camelback Ranch opened on March 1, 2009 for the spring training home opener between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox. The Dodgers took a 2–0 lead into the top ninth until the White Sox came back to defeat them 3–2.

How did Camelback Ranch Stadium get its name?

The park is also home to the Arizona League Dodgers, who moved to Camelback Ranch with the Major League team in 2009. The Arizona League White Sox play there as of 2014, after the White Sox rejoined the Arizona rookie circuit. The stadium name is derived from the longstanding name of the property it is built on.

How many Dodgers fans are at Camelback Ranch?

In 2015, the Dodgers drew 147,066 fans to their 15 spring training games at Camelback Ranch (an average of just over 9,804 per game), setting a new franchise spring training record. Prior to the 2018 Spring Training season, two separate roof panels were installed on the 1st base side to cover fans from the sun.

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