Did Dave Navarro get tattooed on ink master?

Did Dave Navarro get tattooed on ink master?

Dave Navarro “bled for the competition” on “Ink Master” Tuesday night. He surprised the contestants by giving them the opportunity to tattoo a very picky canvas, Navarro himself. Don’t f— it up,” he told the contestants before the flash challenge. …

What does Dave Navarro know about tattoos?

Dave Navarro is just about as well known for his tattoos as he is for his incredible musicianship as the lead guitarist of Jane’s Addiction. ‘ And the answer was: I’ll be an old man with tattoos.” Navarro’s favorite tattoo is the one he has on his lower back which says “Constance.”

Why does Dave Navarro host ink masters?

Navarro’s role in the judging panel is to provide the show with the client’s perspective. He told Peck that people ask him all the time — Why are you on the show? But Navarro points out he’s there to be a voice for the clients, those who will ultimately wear the artist’s work forever.

Where did Dave Navarro get his first tattoo?

And Navarro is no stranger to tattooing art. He’s been inked by some of the most legendary artists. He got his first tattoo at 17 from Bob Roberts, and he’s since worked with some of the best in the field. Unfortunately, Ink Master was canceled last year.

How did Dave Navarro get his Ink Master job?

But one thing that Navarro knows, other than music, is the experience of getting a tattoo. Ink Master is not Navarro’s first hosting gig. He was one of the judges and hosts for the reality show Rockstar, which searched for the new lead singer for INXS and a superband called Supernova.

What did Dave Navarro get on his sternum?

Oh yes he did. Dave Navarro must be a romantic, as he celebrated his ex-wife Carmen Electra in ink with her initials on his sternum. Unlike Johnny Depp and his Winona tattoo, Dave. owned up rather than covered up his tattooed lover’s name mistake.

Why does Dave Navarro have bats on his shoulders?

Dave Navarro must feel batty. He has two nocturnal bats on each side of his front shoulders. Bats can be worn for many reasons, including to offer protection or to pay ode to the darker side of life. Often associated with demonic influences, bats can also signify a peaked interest in sexual stimulation.

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