How can I download GPF statement in Gujarat?

How can I download GPF statement in Gujarat?

Find GPF Missing Credits / Debit Items

  1. Open Gujarat GPF status portal link at
  2. Select the Radio button Missing Credits or Debit Items.
  3. Select GPF Series > GPF Number > Birth Date > Display Code.
  4. Click Show Status.

How can I get GPF balance sheet?

Karnataka GPF Slip Online

  1. Visit the Principal Accountants General Karnataka Official website at
  2. Scroll down the home page and then click on Know Your GPF Status option.
  3. A Login page will be loaded in the new tab, where you need to enter Series in the first column.

Who is CAG of Karnataka?

SHRI R. NARESH Naresh, IA & AS, assumed charge as Accountant General(A&E) in this office on 01.08. 2016. He is a Post Graduate in Agriculture and belongs to 1995 batch of IA&AS.

Who is the present Accountant General of Kerala?

Smt. G Sudharmini
Welcome to the office of Accountants General, Kerala – Accountant General(A&E) Smt. G Sudharmini belongs to 1995 batch of IA & AS. A native of Kalamachal, Vamanapuram, she has done her Post Graduation in Commerce and also Bachelor of Law from the University of Kerala.

Which is the latest statement of GPF in Telangana?

Telanganastate AG General Provident Fund Slips Download instructions to download latest AG GPF Annual Account Slips statement TG GPF Balance Account Slips Annual Account Statements TG AG GPF Slips For the year 2010-11 2011-12 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20

How are AG GPF accounts maintained in Andhra Pradesh?

The individual AG GPF Accounts of the State Government Employees has been maintained by Accountant’s General (A&E) of Andhra Pradesh following the rules and procedures ,Rules 1935 and AIS (PF) Rules 1955. IA & AS officer of Deputy Account General look after all accounts of GPF related.

Which is the latest date of GPF slip?

TS Employees AG GPF Slip For the year 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 Download Employees latest GPF Statement AG AP GPF Slips Telangnaa GPF Account Slip Statements Telanga Govt Employees GPF Statements download How to download AP GPF Account Slip GPF latest statement.

How to download Telangana AG GPF slips 2019-2020?

First Employee Choose GPF Annual Account Statement for Year (2019-20) (If you want to download 2019-20 year GPF Slips then you can select year 2019-20) (EX: 2019-20) Then Employee Select Department Name from the List ( Ex: Police – POL) Then Employee Enter their GPF Account No. (Ex: 12345)

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