How can I update my BlackBerry Curve 9300?

How can I update my BlackBerry Curve 9300?

When your Curve 9300 is connected to the BlackBerry Desktop software, the upgrade option will be displayed on the screen. Select “Get upgrade.” Connection to your device will be established. Confirm your choice of options before proceeding with installation of the upgrade.

How can I update my BlackBerry OS 7?

Let’s go to the updating process:

  1. Download and install the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software (BDS).
  2. Install the BlackBerry 7.1 OS.
  3. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your device to the computer via USB cable.
  4. In the next step, it is recommended to back up your data and applications before updating.

How can I update my BlackBerry curve?

  1. Go to on your computer.
  2. Connect the data cable to the phone socket and to your computer’s USB port.
  3. Scroll to Sync Media and press the Navigation key.
  4. Start the program BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer.
  5. Click Device.
  6. Click Update… to search for updates.

How to upgrade to OS 7.1 for the Curve 9360?

Then I started the Blackberry Desktop Software, went to Device –> Update . I selected the recommended “7.1 Bundle 722”. “This BlackBerry� Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry� solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription.

How to update black berry curve to 7.1 bundle 2039?

Today we will tell you how to update Black Berry Curve 9315/9320 to 7.1 Bundle 2039. When it comes to update BlackBerry is different from Android and Apple. But I think it’s easier compared to both, for Android we have to choose everything very carefully like ROM number, build number etc.

How do I update my BlackBerry Curve phone?

Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and connect your device with the system. Desktop manager will auto detect your device. After Connecting the device you will see a red * before Update available. A new window will open automatically. All you have to do is add your e-mail account to start the process.

Is there an App Store for the BlackBerry Curve?

Depending on your wireless service provider and region, you might have the option to add or update applications using the BlackBerry App World™ storefront, the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, or the Application Center.

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