How do you etch a PCB with ferric chloride?

How do you etch a PCB with ferric chloride?

Open the bottle of ferric chloride and put the sponge over the opening, and tip the bottle to let about a tablespoon or so of solution saturate into the sponge. Now with the circuit board in the palm of one hand, simply wipe the solution-saturated sponge over the surface of the board over and over.

Which solution is used for PCB etching process?

At one time or another, PCB manufacturing processes use solvents such as ferric chloride, cupric chloride, ammoniacal etchant, sulfuric acid + hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric and chromic acid, cupric chloride, alkaline etching, and copper ammonia complex ion as etching fluids.

Which chemical is used for PCB etching?

Currently used for print circuit board etching of solvents are iron (Ferric Chloride), cupric chloride (Cupric Chloride), alkaline ammonia (Alkaline Ammonia), sulfuric acid hydrogen peroxide (Sulfuric Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide) etching fluid, ammonium persulfate, sulfuric acid – chromic acid etching solution.

How many times can you use ferric chloride?

Ferric chloride can be used more than once. Once it stops etching, follow the hazardous waste guidelines for where you live.

How long can you use ferric chloride?

The generally accepted shelf life of ferric chloride solution is approximately six months. Adding HCl acid can restore the cutting ability of the FeCl3.

How to etch a circuit board with ferric chloride?

In this Instructable, I will show you how to etch a circuit board with about a tablespoon of ferric chloride etching solution and a 2 inch square sponge. You will be amazed as the exposed copper on the PCB disappears before your eyes, and your board is completely etched in a minute or less!

What kind of liquid is used for etching PCB?

Etching liquid are mainly copper chloride solution, ferric chloride liquid, alkaline etching, acid/hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) etching.

How to make a printed circuit board ( PCB )?

How To Make a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using Ferric Chloride and Maker pen – YouTube In this video, I have shown you how to make a circuit board using plain single side copper PCB With etching ferric chloride acid which is very simple and eas…

How long does it take to etch a copper circuit board?

Even with fresh, strong ferric chloride solution, it would usually take at least 10 minutes for the copper to be removed. As the solution grew weaker, the etch would take longer and longer. A few months ago, I discovered the 1-part pool acid (muriatic acid) to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide method of etching a circuit board.

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