What does DATEV stand for?

What does DATEV stand for?

data processing
The cooperative DATEV eG stands for data processing and has more than 400.000 customers. Founded in 1966, the organization now has about 8.100 employees, working in its head quarter in Nuremberg and 23 subsidiaries in Germany. Its legal structure represents continuity, meaning that no investor can simply buy DATEV.


These are supported by DATEV mainly in the fields of accounting, business consulting, taxes, enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as organization and planning. DATEV currently counts more than 40,000 members, 8,125 employees and belongs to the main German information service providers and software companies.

What is DATEV format?

The DATEV format is used to exchange various accounting data between the tax office or bookkeeping and the user. While old programs also offered the mailing format, DATEV advises from 2017/2018 to only use the standardized format. The export of invoices in DATEV format has many advantages.

Where is datev?

Nuremberg , Germany

Type registered cooperative
Founded 1966
Headquarters Nuremberg , Germany
Key people Robert Mayr (CEO)
Products Data processing, Software

What kind of services does DATEV software do?

While it initially emerged as a data center service provider, it now provides software directly to end users (e.g. businesses) and consulting services for these occupations. The co-operative’s focus is on the tax market.

Where did the company DATEV get its name?

History. DATEV was founded on 14 February 1966, by 65 tax agents in the Nuremberg area to provide accounting services to its clients with the help of a computer. Its original name was DATEV Data Processing Organization for Tax Agents and Related Tax Services Providers within the Federal Republic of Germany,…

Who is the CEO of DATEV legal services?

DATEV advertisement at Berlin Ostbahnhof. It claims: “Software – Services – Knowledge” In 1998 CEO Dieter Kempf led an initiative to add a second leg to its business by entering the legal services market. DATEV’s takeover of the Hamburg-based company “MCT” brought the software “Phantasy” in the its product portfolio.

Why did DATEV want to personalize its marketing campaigns?

To boost its success in marketing, software company and IT service provider DATEV wanted to personalize its campaigns and correspondence by including only the most relevant content for each customer.

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