What is an inclinometer used for?

What is an inclinometer used for?

Inclinometers are used to measure displacements in ground and in structures that lie below ground level (e.g. retaining walls).

How does an inclinometer work?

Inclinometers measure the orientation angle of an object with respect to the force of gravity. This is done by means of an accelerometer, which monitors the effect of gravity on a tiny mass suspended in an elastic support structure.

What is electronic inclinometer?

Electronic Inclinometers are instruments for measuring angles of slope and inclination of an object with respect to its gravity by creating an artificial horizon. It is also known as a tilt sensor, tilt indicator, slope meter, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge & level meter.

What type of liquid is in the inclinometer?

Liquid capacitive inclinometers are inclinometers (or clinometers) whose sensing elements are made with a liquid-filled differential capacitor; they sense the local direction of acceleration due to gravity (or movement). A capacitive inclinometer has a disc-like cavity that is partly filled with a dielectric liquid.

Are clinometers accurate?

Clinometers have been used for measuring inclination relative to gravity for nearly one hundred years. Measuring range is +/- 45 degrees with 0.01 degrees resolution and accuracy within 2 minutes of arc.

What fluid is in the inclinometer?

methanol was selected as the electrolyte for our inclinometer.

How accurate is a bubble inclinometer?

Conclusion: Results of the present study showed that measuring the lumbar range of motion with bubble inclinometer and tape measure (except measuring extension in prone position by using bubble inclinometer in patients with low back pain) was highly reliable.

What do you need to know about an inclinometer?

An Inclinometer Measures Changes in Angle. An inclinometer, or tilt sensor, is an instrument used for measuring slope, tilt, or inclination by using gravity. An inclinometer creates an artificial plane defined at zero degrees, and measures the change in angle with respect to this plane.

How long is the cable for a digital inclinometer?

The electronic sensor and the display are connected by a 4- ft. cable so you can measure angles from a distance. They can be mounted up to 200 feet apart by replacing the included cable with a longer cable length (sold separately). Lg. Wd.

How does the LG Hg digital inclinometer work?

Thick. This tool has front and back digital displays, as well as horizontal and vertical vials. Internal memory stores angle measurements, and a calculator determines the exact angles of cuts. Displays will shut off automatically when not in use. Lg. Ht.

When to use a strain and load inclinometer?

Strain and load Inclinometers are used to measure displacements in ground and in structures that lie below ground level (e.g. retaining walls).

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