What is Antonio last name?

What is Antonio last name?

The surname Antonio came from the given name Antonius, which in English is known in the forms Anthony and Antony. The given name Antonius means inestimable or strength. The Antonio family surname has its roots in the ancient Roman period and possibly earlier, in the Etruscan period.

Is Griswold a real last name?

Griswold (also spelled Griswald) is a surname of English origin, from the Old English greosn (‘gravel’) and weald (‘woodland’). Notable people with the surname include: A. Minor Griswold (1834–1891), American humorist, journalist, and lecturer, known by his pen name The Fat Contributor.

What is Louie’s last name?

Louis Silvie Zamperini (“Louie”)

What nationality is the last name Favreau?

Southern French
Southern French: from a diminutive of Favre.

Is Antonio Spanish for Anthony?

“Anthony” is equivalent to Antonio in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Maltese; António or Antônio in Portuguese; Anton in Dutch, Galician, German, Icelandic, Romanian, Russian, and Scandinavian languages; Antoine in French; Antal in Hungarian; and Antun or Ante in Croatian.

What are nicknames for Antonio?


  • Nicknames: Tony, Tonio.
  • Famous people named Antonio: Composer Antonio Vivaldi; actors Antonio Banderas, Antonio Sabato, Jr., and Antonio “Tony” Danza; football players Antonio Brown and Antonio “Tony” Romo.
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What does Griswold mean in German?

Griswold. as a boys’ name is of Old French and German origin, and the meaning of Griswold is “gray woods”. Place name. STARTS WITH Gr- ASSOCIATED WITH woods (tree)

What does the last name Griswold mean?

English: habitational name from Griswolds Farm in Snitterfield, Warwickshire, which is probably named with Old English greosn ‘gravel’ + weald ‘woodland’.

What is Louie’s real name?

It is revealed in the episode “The Spear of Selene!” that Louie’s full name is Llewellyn, instead of Louis Duck as it was in the 1987 series. Here it’s changed to Llewellyn, a name he hates as he finds it embarrassing. “Llewellyn” is Welsh for “Leader” or “Lion-like”.

IS TONY short for Antonio?

The usual abbreviated form is Tony (sometimes “Tone” or “Ant” or “Anth” or “Anton”)….Anthony.

Word/name Antonius
Other names
Alternative spelling Anthoni, Anthonie, Anthoney,
Variant form(s) Antony, Antonio, Anton, Antonis, Antoine, Antun, Ante, Anto, Anton, Tonini
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