What is Cadence to Twilight?

What is Cadence to Twilight?

Princess Cadence was a major figure in Pre-War Equestria, most notably being the foalsitter and friend to Twilight Sparkle. She was happily married to Twilight’s brother Shining Armor and together they ruled the Crystal Empire.

What is Princess Cadence to Twilight?

Princess Cadance, full name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, is Shining Armor’s wife. She is Flurry Heart’s mother, Twilight Sparkle’s sister-in-law (after marrying Shining Armor) and former foalsitter, Princess Celestia’s adopted niece, and the co-ruler of the Crystal Empire alongside Shining Armor.

How did Cadence become alicorn?

Celestia sheltered Cadence and became her optician because we know from comics that she is an orphan. Cadence was a Pegasus and was found by two Earth ponies who adopted her because her parents weren’t found. Soon Celestia had Cadence be her adopted niece and later after that, she became an alicorn.

How did Twilight find out about Princess Cadance?

Twilight, peeking through the door, sees Cadance casting a spell on Shining Armor. Concluding that Cadance is “downright evil,” she runs off. Twilight later confronts Cadance at the wedding rehearsal, in front of Princess Celestia and the rest of the attendants.

Where does Princess Cadance go in cadence of memories?

Princess Cadance drops in on Twilight Sparkle in a surprise visit. The two old friends, now sisters-in-law, spend a day together in the town of Ponyville, reflecting on memories of their pasts.

Who is Princess Cadance from my Little Pony?

Princess Cadance is featured in the chapter book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. The book tells the story of Twilight Sparkle after she’d been made an Alicorn and seeks advice on being a princess.

Where did Twilight find the cadence of memories?

“Did you find it yet Spike?” Twilight scanned her eyes desperately over the shelves of the library for what felt like the thirtieth time. “Not yet!” came the muffled voice of the dragon upstairs. The unicorn groaned loudly in annoyance, reaching the end of the library shelves and flopping back on her hindlegs.

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