What is meant by maturity date?

What is meant by maturity date?

The maturity date refers to the moment in time when the principal of a fixed income instrument must be repaid to an investor. The maturity date likewise refers to the due date on which a borrower must pay back an installment loan in full.

What is mean by mature in Urdu?

Develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation. He matured fast. The child grew fast. بالغ ہونا

What is the other term of maturity date?

Princeton’s WordNet. maturity, maturity date, due datenoun. the date on which an obligation must be repaid. Synonyms: matureness, adulthood, maturity, due date.

What is maturity amount?

The maturity amount of your fixed deposit is a sum of your principal amount invested, along with pre-decided returns earned over the chosen tenor. You can easily calculate FD maturity amount with FD maturity calculator, even before you invest.

What happens at maturity date?

The maturity date refers to the date when an investment, such as a certificate of deposit (CD) or bond, becomes due and is repaid to the investor. At that point, the investment stops paying interest and investors can redeem accumulated interest and their capital without penalty.

What mature person means?

The definition of mature refers to someone or something that is full grown or adult, either physically or in terms of behavior and attitude. Having or showing characteristics, such as patience and prudence, considered typical of well-balanced adulthood.

What is the meaning of Baligh in Urdu?

Baligh meaning in English is Adult and Baligh or Adult synonym is Big, Full-grown and Grown. Similar words of Adult includes as Adult, Adulterant, Adulterate and Adulterer, where Baligh translation in Urdu is بالغ. Adult.

What does maturity amount mean?

Maturity value is the amount due and payable to the holder of a financial obligation as of the maturity date of the obligation. The term usually refers to the remaining principal balance on a loan or bond. In the case of a security, maturity value is the same as par value.

What is the opposite of maturity date?

Antonyms: immaturity, immatureness. Synonyms: matureness, adulthood, maturity date, due date.

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