What is the character sketch of ghost in The Canterville Ghost?

What is the character sketch of ghost in The Canterville Ghost?

A character sketch of the ghost in “The Canterville Ghost” can include that the ghost is proud of his history, enjoys frightening people, and is theatrical. When he cannot frighten the Otis family, he becomes angry and dejected, and wishes to be released into death.

How many characters are there in The Canterville Ghost?

Hiram Otis, Mrs. Lucretia Otis, and their four children. They have one daughter, a beautiful teenage girl named Virginia, and three sons. Washington is the oldest child in the family and the twin boys, called Stars and Stripes, are the youngest.

Who is the protagonist in the novel The Canterville Ghost?

The protagonist of The Canterville Ghost, at first, is the ghost of the castle. His name is Sir Simon, and because he murdered his wife centuries ago, he must walk the earth like a ghost.

What is the name of Lord Canterville great aunt?

Augustus Dampier A rector of the parish / Lord Canterville’s aunt.
Lord Canterville Current Lord of Canterville family. Sold the Canterville Chase.
Lady Canterville Lord Canterville’s wife.
Lucretia Tappan-Otis Mr. Hiram B. Otis’s wife. aka: Mrs. Otis.

What is Mr Otis’s first name?

Horace B. Otis, a wealthy American, purchases Canterville Chase, an ancient English manor-house, despite warnings that the house is known to be haunted. He moves into the house accompanied by his wife, his eldest son Washington, his daughter Virginia, and his two younger twin sons.

Who are the main characters in The Canterville Ghost?

Sir Simon is the titular character of The Canterville Ghost. Mr. Hirsham B. Otis. Mr. Otis is an American minister who purchases Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. He is the husband of Mrs. Otis and father of Washington, Virginia, and the Otis twins.

What is a character sketch of Mr Otis in ” The Canterville Ghost “?

What is a character sketch of Mr. Otis in “The Canterville Ghost”? A character sketch or Mr. Otis in “The Canterville Ghost” can include that Mr. Otis is forceful, direct, a realist, patriotic, fearless, practical, and stubborn. Hover for more information.

What is character sketch of the Ghost in ” the ghost “?

Virginia performs her role with courage and love; Sir Simon finally finds his rest; and Virginia learns the truth about death, life, love, and ghosts. Wilde tells the reader that Sir Simon de Canterville murdered his wife in the sixteenth century.

Who is the ghost of The Canterville Chase?

Page 1 The Ghost Of The Canterville Chase The Ghost of the Canterville Chase was the spirit of Sir Simon de Canterville who had murdered his wife in 1584 and later on, after the disappearance of his body in mysterious circumstances, was changed into a ghost due to his guilt and haunted the castle for three centuries.

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