What is the function of Fuze?

What is the function of Fuze?

A fuze is a device that initiates an explosive function in a munition, most commonly causing it to detonate or release its contents, when its activation conditions are met.

Are fuses explosive?

Fuse, also spelled Fuze, in explosives technology, device for firing explosives in blasting operations, in fireworks, and in military projectiles. Detonating cord, also called Cordeau and Primacord, is a hollow cord filled with an explosive material. …

How does a bomb fuse work?

When the bomb makes impact, the fuze has a spike or electrical circuit that detonates the bomb. If the fuze has a spike, that spike is driven into a small detonation charge that sets off the main bomb charge. An electrical fuze uses a spark to set off the detonation charge.

What is a bomb fuze?

Fuzes are designed to initiate detonation of bombs explosive fills either in airburst; at impact with the intended target; or following penetration of the target by the bomb.

What does fuze mean?

noun. a mechanical or electronic device to detonate an explosive charge, especially as contained in an artillery shell, a missile, projectile, or the like.

What does fuze mean in Russian?

fuze {noun} volume_up. плавкий предохранитель {m} fuze (also: safety fuse)

How do fuses stay lit underwater?

When lit, the flame propagates quickly down the paper pipe from the hot gases produced by the burning powder. Depending on their outer treatment, visco fuses are water resistant and the better quality can burn reliably underwater once lit, since the black powder core provides both its own fuel and oxidant.

What is difference between fuse and Fuze?

(The spelling FUZE may also be met for this term, but FUSE is the preferred spelling in this context.) FUZE: A device with explosive components designed to initiate a main charge. “Fuse”, derived from fusus, the past participle of fundo, means “to melt”, e.g., the term “fuse-wire” used in electrical circuits.

How many fuses does fuze have?

four cluster charges
Fuze carries a total of four cluster charges with each holding five.

Is fuze in English word?

a string or piece of paper connected to a firework or other explosive that is used for lighting it, or a device inside a bomb that causes it to explode after a fixed length of time or when it hits or is near something: Dad lit the fuze and we watched the firework blast into the sky. …

What country is Fuze from?

Growing up in a military family in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Shuhrat Kessikbayev immigrated to Russia shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union.

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