What is the mathematical term for addition subtraction multiplication and division?

What is the mathematical term for addition subtraction multiplication and division?

In mathematics, we call the group of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division ”arithmetic. ”

What are the vocabulary words for division?

Vocabulary of a division problem: Divisor: the number being used to divide into another number. Dividend: the number being divided by the divisor. Quotient: the answer.

What are the key words for addition and subtraction?

Keywords like sum, add, combine, and more than indicate addition. Keywords like minus, difference, fewer, and take away indicate subtraction.

What is the vocabulary for addition?

Addition-sum, altogether, all, in all, together, total, total number, add, increase, increased by, more than. Subtraction-minus, greater than, take away, fewer than, less than, subtract, decreased by. Multiplication-product, multiply, multiplied by, times.

What are the 3 vocabulary words for division?

Division vocabulary words such as dividend, divisor, and quotient are thrown around when little ones are learning division, so a little extra help is always needed.

What is the name of division?

What is being divided is called the dividend, which is divided by the divisor, and the result is called the quotient. In the example, 20 is the dividend, 5 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient.

What does new addition to the family mean?

An addition is the act of adding something new, like a baby — a new addition to your family — or what you do in math class: the addition of columns of numbers to get the sum.

What is the difference between multiplication and subtraction?

• Subtraction separates a number into any two numbers, like 9 into 4 and 5. Since no restriction is put on the numbers , subtraction may be thought of as “just ” separating. • Multiplication combines only equal numbers, like nine 7s to get 63.

What are words used to describe subtraction?

Synonyms for subtraction include deduction, reduction, decrease, diminution, debit, deletion, detraction, discount, removal and subduction. Find more similar words at

What are the key words for addition?

Algebraic Expressions and Key Words for Addition. As, you can see from the red, bold words, the key words for addition are: sum, more than, plus, increase, add, older than. Please also remember that addition is commutative; therefore, you can reverse the digits and you will end up with the same answer.

What are some different words for multiplication?

Depending on the directions for the math problem, you may see different words: Addition: adding, add Subtraction: subtracting, subtract Multiplication: multiplying, multiply Division: dividing, divide

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