What kind of insurance is UniCare?

What kind of insurance is UniCare?

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UniCare’s commitment to quality health insurance benefits, broad choice and superior customer service are the foundation of our national PPO: UniCare Platinum Network. UniCare PPO Plans give its members broad access to independently contracted network providers across the country.

Who is UniCare under?

UniCare is an American health insurance company owned by Anthem Inc.

Is UniCare a good health insurance?

UniCare has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and there are only three complaints on file in the past three years.

Is UniCare Medicaid or Medicare?

UniCare has served Medicaid beneficiaries in West Virginia since 2003.

Does UniCare cover eyeglasses?

If you have questions about your benefits or need help finding a provider, visit unicare.com or call us at 1-888- 884-8428. This is a primary vision care benefit intended to cover only routine eye examinations and corrective eyewear.

What is GIC Medicare?

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) offers Medicare supplements to retired State employees who are eligible for Medicare Part A. * ▪ If eligible, they are required to have Medicare Parts A and B in order to have a GIC Medicare Supplement.

Is UniCare private?

At UniCare, we understand that your health needs are one of your top priorities. UniCare is the health benefits company trusted by more individuals insured through the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC).

What is UniCare CIC?

CIC stands for Comprehensive Insurance Coverage. Our two indemnity plans, Basic and Medicare Extension, have the CIC option. When you have CIC, more services are covered at 100% (compared to 80% without CIC). However, the same services are covered whether you have CIC or not.

Is GIC the same as UniCare?

UniCare is the only health plan that offers medical benefits exclusively to GIC members. We are uniquely positioned to tailor what we do to those who receive their health coverage through the GIC. When you travel or live outside Massachusetts, UniCare’s travel network protects you from unexpected bills.

What is UniView vision?

UniView Vision is the only vision plan that gives members the ability to use their in-network benefits at 1-800 CONTACTS, or choose a private practice eye doctor, or go in store to LensCrafters®, Sears Optical SM, Target Optical®, JCPenney® Optical and most Pearle Vision® locations.

Does Unicare pay for dentures?

Our Dental Provider Savings Program offers network providers discounts of up to 40% on in-demand products (PPE equipment, scanners), lab services (implants, clear aligners, dentures), and turnkey teledentistry solutions for your office.

Can you get a free gym membership with Medicaid?

Does Medicaid Cover Gym Membership? Medicaid coverage is different from state to state, so whether gym membership is provided will depend on where you live. According to federal guidelines, a gym membership isn’t a benefit that must be provided by Medicaid, and in most states, it’s not included.

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