Which is the correct way to create an inline frame with no border and scroll?

Which is the correct way to create an inline frame with no border and scroll?

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How do I turn off scrolling in iframe?

1) Set the scrolling attribute of the iframe to no (scrolling=”no”). This will disable both horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

How can you hide the borders of a frame?

To remove only some frame borders (but not others) in your frame layout, use the frameborder attribute in the tags of your frameset document and set the value to “no” (default is “yes” ). This will remove the borders only from the frames you apply the setting to.

What can I use instead of a frameBorder?

The equivalent of frameborder in css is border: 0px; .

How do you add a frame border in CSS?

CSS Border Style

  1. dotted – Defines a dotted border.
  2. dashed – Defines a dashed border.
  3. solid – Defines a solid border.
  4. double – Defines a double border.
  5. groove – Defines a 3D grooved border.
  6. ridge – Defines a 3D ridged border.
  7. inset – Defines a 3D inset border.
  8. outset – Defines a 3D outset border.

How do you remove border from iframe in CSS?

Remove border from IFrame using CSS. The Iframe is used to display a web page on the webpage. Remove border from iframe tag in the webpage could be done by using one of the CSS properties of the iframe tag called frameBorder and set its value to “0”.

Why does my iframe have a border around it?

It embeds a window within the host web page whose height and width can be adjusted by the iFrame code. When embedding the iFrame it displays a border around it. 1. The Problem When using the same flash files and html code for each slide show on the same web page the slide shows did not work.

How to set the frameborder in iframe tag?

Its simple just add attribute in iframe tag frameborder = 0 2. Via Tag Attribute frameBorder Set 0

Is there a CSS border property for IE6?

Note CSS border property does not achieve the desired results in IE6, 7 or 8. In addition to adding the frameBorder attribute you might want to consider setting the scrolling attribute to “no” to prevent scrollbars from appearing.

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