Why is my table of contents not aligned?

Why is my table of contents not aligned?

If you tab on the ones that are not right aligned, they do become right aligned. But the, they go back again. As Doug suggests, from your description the likely cause is that you have a hanging indent (which by default has an associated tab stop) that is farther to the right than some of your very short TOC entries.

How should tables and numbers be aligned?

First, make sure the text is left-aligned in the Paragraph Options. Now select the table cells or columns that hold the numbers. Then, even though you haven’t typed any tabs, choose Type > Tabs to open up the tab options. Finally, choose the “align on decimal”-tab and click on the ruler to set the position.

How do I make a Table of Contents without page numbers?

How to change to a TOC entry that doesn’t have a page number

  1. Select File > Options.
  2. On the Display tab, select the Show all formatting marks check box, and then select OK.
  3. Select the TC field.
  4. On the Insert tab, select Quick Parts, and then select Field.
  5. Select File > Word Options.

What is page number alignment?

Right-aligned tabs If you let Word create a table of contents, table of figures, or index for you, you will see that, by default, it puts the page numbers at the right page or column margin, with a row of dots between the titles and the page numbers. To do this, it uses a right-aligned tab stop with a period leader.

How do you indent a table of contents?

In this tab, select Contents 2 in the Paragraph Styles list, then click Edit ▸select Indents & Spacing tab. You have set Indent ▸ Before text to 0. Default value (in a new document) is 0.50 cm (my UI is french, so cm). So you can change the value, click Ok and do the same for Contents 3 (default value 1 cm).

What is the normal alignment of numeric values?

Numbers are normally aligned so that the various places (unit, tens, etc.) are in columns. If the numbers are integers, this just means right-aligning the numbers. If they have decimal fractions, then the decimal places should be aligned, with the units digits all in a vertical line.

How to left align entries and right align page numbers?

Solution: How to Left Align Entries and Right-Align Page Numbers in Your Table of Contents (Word 2016) 1 Step 1: Highlight your entire TOC 2 Step 2: Highlight the entire TOC and select the Styles Pane. 3 Step 3: At the bottom of the Style pane, under in the List drop down, select All Styles More

How to right justify page numbers in the table of contents?

Page numbers in the Table of Contents and Lists must be lined up vertically at the right margin as shown in the examples on page 4; the use of leading dots is strongly encouraged for the benefit of the reader. To line up page numbers vertically at the right margin requires that the page numbers be right-justified.

How to move page numbers in table of contents?

Click Set; then click OK. Once the tabs have been set, place the cursor between the text and the page number, and then press the Tab key on the keyboard. This will automatically insert leading dots and move the page number to the right margin.

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