Have been awarded meaning?

Have been awarded meaning?

2. Both phrases are correct, but the meaning is subtly different. “I have been awarded…” implies that the awards were fairly recent and/or you hope to receive further awards in future. “I have been awarded a science prize five times so far in my career. If I work hard I may receive another next year.”

What does Adward mean?

(əˈwɔːd ) verb (transitive) 1. to give (something due), esp as a reward for merit. to award prizes.

What is the synonym of awarded?

Some common synonyms of award are accord, concede, grant, and vouchsafe.

How do you use awarded?

The judges awarded her a score of 83.11 percent. They were each awarded fouls and neither of their tempers escalated. The trophy awarded the winner is the oldest in international sports. Punitive damages may be awarded by juries in especially outrageous circumstances.

How do you say I have been awarded?

“Grateful” is usually the best word to use when being given an award, or you can say you are “delighted to be given this award.” but I strongly suggest you put in “grateful” as well. 🙂 The part where you say “…and support I was given” sounds a little off but it does work.

Has been awarded in sentence?

Sentence examples for she has been awarded from inspiring English sources. She has been awarded five honorary doctorates and was honoured as the 2013 Opus Prize winner. This is the first time that she has been awarded the prize. She has been awarded the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought by the European parliament.

What does avord mean?


Acronym Definition
AVORD Aviation Ordnance

Which word best describes the meaning of awarded?

1 : to confer or bestow as being deserved or merited or needed award scholarships to disadvantaged students. 2 : to give by judicial decree or after careful consideration The jury awarded damages to the defendant. award a contract. award.

Which preposition is used with awarded?

With the verb ‘reward’, the preposition ‘with’ is used. However, ‘reward with’ is not used to express the awarding of certificates, prizes, diplomas etc. On the other hand, you could well say ‘His efforts were rewarded with the achievement of the certificate he had aimed for’.

What is the definition of awarded?

1. to give (something due), esp as a reward for merit: to award prizes. 2. (Law) law to declare to be entitled, as by decision of a court of law or an arbitrator. n. 3. something awarded, such as a prize or medal: an award for bravery.

What is another word for awarded?

prize, award(verb) something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery. “the prize was a free trip to Europe”. Synonyms: awarding, booty, plunder, prize, honor, laurels, swag, loot, accolade, dirty money, honour, pillage, trophy.

What is synonym for awards?

award, grant(verb) give as judged due or on the basis of merit. “the referee awarded a free kick to the team”; “the jury awarded a million dollars to the plaintiff”;”Funds are granted to qualified researchers”. Synonyms: allow, give, allot, yield, cede, grant, concede, deed over, present, accord.

What is another word for award?

award, present(verb) give, especially as an honor or reward. “bestow honors and prizes at graduation”. Synonyms: portray, pose, grant, demo, deliver, represent, give, lay out, acquaint, submit, demonstrate, gift, stage, confront, present, exhibit, face, introduce, salute, show.

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