How did Tobi break his mask?

How did Tobi break his mask?

With the clone seemingly dispelled, Tobi phases through the Tailed Beast Ball, and fully enters the other dimension. Declaring that he had nowhere to run, Naruto slams the Rasengan into Tobi’s face, shattering the mask with Naruto asking his enemy who he is.

Why did Tobi cover his face?

For the other members, the fewer people know that he is pulling the strings, the fewer threats his plans will face. The image was an example of Tobi making himself look useless. The question is still unaswered i feel. He did it to hide his true nature – thats all fine.

Does Obito become Tobi?

While Nagato became the Akatsuki leader and recruited powerful missing-nin for their cause, Obito took on the alias of “Tobi”, and changed his personality around members to conceal his identity.

Does Tobi ever show his face?

After Tobi presumably died, Kisame remarked that he was sorry to hear his death, especially since he (Tobi) lightens up the mood of the organization. To conclude, we can say that the first time they met, Obito did reveal himself to Kisame (scars in the face and all) but under the name ‘Madara’.

What does Tobi’s face look like in Naruto?

Tobi’s face resembles the orange mask Obito wore before his fight with Konan, and his personality also resembles Obito’s when he was acting as Deidara ‘s partner. In fact, his name in the fourth databook is “Tobi”, which Obito used while wearing the mask.

How are Obito and Tobi the same person?

Obito and Tobi are the same person. When Obito is Tobi he tries to make everyone believe that he is a useless idiot. He plays a really goofy and funny role.

What’s the difference between Obito, Tobi and Madara Uchiha?

Madara uchiha was the enemy/friend of hashirama and founder of konoha. Tobi is obito, just with the white zetsu (the one that wants to know what poop is like) speaking for him, thats why their mannerisms are so different. And obito just called himself madara for a bit to scare/impress the gokage and nagato.

How does Tobi feel about the eye of the Moon plan?

Although Obito was initially greatly annoyed by him, the two befriended each other during the former’s rehabilitation. Tobi believes that the Eye of the Moon Plan is good for mankind, and sees Madara as a benevolent man. He is also kind-hearted, as shown when he and White Zetsu decided to help Obito without Madara’s permission.

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