How do I show the Library folder on Mac?

How do I show the Library folder on Mac?

Hold the Option key on your keyboard, and click the Go menu at the top of the screen. With the Go menu open, you’ll notice that pressing and releasing Option will display or hide the Library choice in this menu. Select Library from the Go menu (while holding down Option) to access the hidden folder.

How do I unhide my library in Big Sur Mac?

Unhide (and hide) Library

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Open your Home folder (Go > Home) or you can use this shortcut: Command+Shift+H.
  3. In the Home folder, from the menu bar, click View and Show View Options.
  4. Find the option that says “Show Library Folder”.
  5. And the library folder will appear in your home folder.

How do I access folder on Mac?

Go to a folder by entering its pathname

  1. In the Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  2. Type the folder’s pathname (for example, /Library/Fonts/ or ~/Pictures/), then click Go. A slash (/) at the beginning of a pathname indicates that the starting point is the top level of your computer’s folder structure.

How do I unhide a folder permanently on Mac?

Unhide the Library Folder Permanently You can do this by clicking the name of your username in the sidebar, or by pressing Command+Shift+H on your keyboard.

How do I see all files in a Folder and subfolders on a Mac?

To quickly see what’s in all the subdirectories of a folder within the Finder, open the parent folder and change to list view. Now you need to hold the Option key and click on the little arrow alongside the name of the directory to expand that directory and all subdirectories at the same time.

How do you show hidden folders on Mac?

View Hidden Files in Finder In Finder, you can click your computer’s hard drive under Locations, then open your Macintosh HD folder. Press Command + Shift + . (period) to make the hidden files appear. You can also do the same from inside the Documents, Applications, and Desktop folders.

How to make your library folder visible in the Finder in..?

Open Finder, and Select Go in the menu bar. Result: A dropdown menu will appear. Select Go to Folder in the dropdown menu. Result: A search bar will appear in Finder. Type in /Users in the search bar, and click Go. Result: The Users window will open in Finder.

Where do I find my library folder on my Mac?

I just select my User folder in the Finder, right click, select “Show View Options” and select the checkbox “Show Library Folder” and finish by clicking “Use As Defaults” then it always shows the folder. Apple first hid the ~/Library folder in Lion.

How to show libraries in File Explorer Windows 10?

Show libraries in File Explorer Windows 10 To show libraries in File Explorer, select the View tab, and then select Navigation pane > Show libraries.

Is the library folder hidden in Lion 10.7?

Apple first hid the ~/Library folder in Lion. Prior to 10.7, it was visible by default in 10.6 and older. You must log in or register to reply here.

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