How many hours will a John Deere Gator last?

How many hours will a John Deere Gator last?

2000 hours

Can you make a John Deere Gator go faster?

Getting more power out of a John Deere Gator is one way of improving its performance. If the Gator is not new, getting more power out of it may require only basic maintenance. Focus on using good fuel and keeping the engine running cleanly. You can also modify the Gator to get more horsepower out of it.

Who makes the John Deere Gator 825i engine?

Chery SCR372 DOHC

What is similar to a John Deere Gator?

5 Rugged Utility Vehicles: Comparison Test and Buyer’s GuideJohn Deere Gator XUV. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> Bobcat 2300. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> Kawasaki Mule 3010 Trans 4×4. Kubota RTV900 Worksite Utility. Polaris Ranger XP.

Which is better Polaris Ranger or John Deere Gator?

As in the other classes, Polaris Ranger has more powerful engines than its counterpart and is a bit faster to get going, So it has a little more versatility, while John Deere Gator is more focused on tasks that need to be performed.

Is a Gator street legal?

John Deere Gator RSX850i | RSX860i Street Legal | D.O.T. If you have a John Deere that you want to make street legal, you’ve come to the right place. With a few extra parts you can safely make the transition from off road riding to street legal Gator. Side by Side Stuff has everything you need to meet D.O.T.

How much does a Gator vehicle cost?

Prices start at $11,159. The mid-size Gator XUV family consists of work vehicles that are capable of a little fun now and again.

What states are UTV’s street legal?

In fact, most states allow counties and towns to set their own standards, and Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, North and South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Colorado (HB15-1054) have laws …

How fast does a Gator 825i go?

44 mph

What engine is in John Deere Gator?


Who builds the John Deere Gator?

Although Deere manufactured at other locations in the past, the utility vehicles are now exclusively designed and built in Horicon, Wisconsin. “We aspire to produce and sell the next 500,000 faster than the first,” said Siva Sundaresan, global director of utility vehicles.

What is the top speed of a John Deere Gator 620i?

30 mph

How much does a John Deere Gator weight?

SpecificationsLength1143 mm (45 in.)Width1320 mm (52 in.)Depth304 mm (11 in.)Volume0.46 m3 (16.4 cu ft)Weight capacity454 kg (1000 lb)1 more row

How much does a John Deere Gator 825i weight?

1,600 pounds

How wide are John Deere Gators?

Dimensions / CapacitiesWheelbase1770 mm 69.7 in.Vehicle weight415 kg 915 lbHeight1108 mm 43.6 in.Width1525 mm 60 in.Length104 in.9

How much is a John Deere Gator 825i?


How much does a John Deere Gator 6×4 weight?

SpecificationsBox capacityVolume465 cu L (16.4 cu ft)Weight TH 6X4 gas454 kg (1000 lb)Weight TH 6X4 diesel550 kg (1200 lb)

How many gallons of gas does a John Deere Gator hold?


What engine is in a John Deere Gator 6×4?

The Gator 6×4 is a two-cylinder, four-cycle gas engine with 19 horsepower. It is air cooled and has a screw-on oil filter. It has a displacement of 675 cc and overhead valves. There is also a Gator 6×4 model with a diesel engine.

What size battery does a John Deere Gator take?

ML-U1 is a 12V 320 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery. Dimensions: 7.75 inches x 5.11 inches x 6.25 inches….Specifications.BrandMighty Max BatteryManufacturerMighty Max BatteryConditionNewAssembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)7.75 x 5.11 x 6.25 Inches2

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