How many Swensens are there in Singapore?

How many Swensens are there in Singapore?

Since the opening of the first 200-seater restaurant at Thomson Plaza in 1979, Swensen’s has expanded to over 20 full-service restaurants serving an all-day menu of food and ice cream sundaes, and continues to bring people together for hearty meals and shared memories.

What kind of restaurant is Swensens?

ice cream restaurants
Swensen’s Inc. is a Canadian-owned global chain of ice cream restaurants that started in San Francisco, California, United States….Swensen’s.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Restaurant
Founded San Francisco, California, United States (1948)
Founder Earle Swensen

Where is Swensen’s from?

San Francisco, CA
Swensen’s/Place founded
In 1986, Minor Food franchised Swensen’s, one of the best known and most loved ice cream parlor hailing from San Francisco in 1948, and developed it into Thailand’s largest ice cream brand.

What is good at Swensen?

Swensen’s – A Revamped Menu & Guilt-Free Ice-Cream!

  • Avocado Honey Toast ($13.50)
  • Buckaroo Wings ($9.90)
  • Fisherman’s Catch Baked Rice ($14.90)
  • Crayfish Pasta ($17.90)
  • Deep Fried Salmon with Chili Jam ($19.90)
  • Hooked On You Combo ($22.90)
  • We Meat Again Combo ($25.90)
  • Sambal Butter Chicken ($11.90)

Is Swensens ice cream vegetarian?

lovely sundaes n they r vegetarian!! now if you are a strict vegetarian worried about your ice cream contains egg or not, here is the place and they have huge spread of sundaes! the menu is huge, the sundaes are huge.. you can while away time happily digging into their sundaes. love this place.

Are there any Swensens left?

The gem of a restaurant was called Swensen’s Grill & Ice Cream Parlor, and it has officially closed its doors for good in April. According to the Canadian franchise’s official website, only three Swensen’s restaurants ended up remaining in the United States, including the one in Coral Gables.

How do you become a Swensen member?

To become a new Cool Rewards Member, simply click “SIGN UP” on the Membership page of the Swensen’s mobile app and complete the online registration form. You must use a unique and valid email address as login ID. Membership is free and for life. One person may register only one membership account.

Is Swensens from San Francisco?

Established in 1948, Swensen’s is your local ice cream shop in San Francisco, CA. We are the original location of the Swensen’s franchise: home to fresh-made, old-fashioned ice cream using classic recipes, made in-house using the best possible ingredients.

Does Swensen’s ice cream have egg?

For dessert, Swensen’s ice creams (might contain egg) is an option for those who don’t really like Thai sweets such as Look Choob (mung bean paste in miniature fruit shape) and sticky rice with mango. Breadtalk makes fresh breads and pastries throughout the day but check for eggs.

How much is Swensen’s Fish and Chips?


Menu Items Price
Fish & Chips S$ 16.69
Battered Fish & Chips S$ 17.01
Grilled Fish with Meunière Sauce S$ 18.08
Grilled Fish Sambal S$ 17.01

How much is Swensens fish and chips?

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