How many versions of the Ford Bronco are there?

How many versions of the Ford Bronco are there?

There are seven Bronco trims and five Sport trims. All offer 4×4 off-road capabilities.

What are the three Ford Bronco models?

Models & Specs

  • 2021 Bronco Base. Starting at $28,500 1
  • 2021 Bronco Big Bend. Starting at $33,385 1
  • 2021 Bronco Black Diamond. Starting at $36,050 1
  • 2021 Bronco Outer Banks. Starting at $38,955 1
  • 2021 Bronco Badlands. Starting at $42,095 1
  • 2021 Bronco Wildtrak. Starting at $46,980 1
  • 2021 Bronco First Edition.

What years were Ford Broncos?

The Ford Bronco is a model line of sport utility vehicles manufactured and marketed by Ford. The first SUV model developed by the company, five generations of the Bronco were sold from the 1966 to 1996 model years.

When were Broncos discontinued?

June 12, 1996
The last Bronco rolled off the assembly line on June 12, 1996 at the Michigan Truck Plant. The taste of the American consumers was changing, and the stalwart two-door sport utility vehicle was being replaced in the Ford lineup by the four-door Expedition.

How much are old Broncos worth?

Because they tend to be the most desirable, they also boast the highest values of the classic Broncos today. Hagerty lists average values for the first 1966 model year as $35,900 for the enclosed wagon body style, $28,500 for the pickup, and $34,200 for the open-top roadster.

What was the body style of the Ford Bronco?

It looked like a baby pickup, and the half-cab was taken out in 1972. After that, the only body style was the wagon that’s become the iconic style we all know as the Bronco. The three-door wagon was the clear winner in terms of body styles. With four-wheel drive, the Bronco was designed to tackle any terrain.

How long was the Ford Bronco on the market?

For an SUV that was only on the market for thirty years (1966-1996) the Ford Bronco developed a legacy that has made many eager for the Bronco’s scheduled 2021 return.

When did the Blue Oval Bronco come out?

The blue-oval brand introduced the fourth generation of the Bronco in 1987 and kept it in production for just four years. The 1987 Bronco was based on the same chassis as its predecessor.

What was the second generation Chevy Bronco made of?

The 1978 model of the Bronco was the second generation with a platform based on the F-100. This model received a more rounded design and also a very good suspension which made this generation the most popular Bronco. This was a solid axle in the front which gave the Bronco better handling and more towing power.

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