How much do Dare County employees make?

How much do Dare County employees make?

Dare County Salaries Number of employees at Dare County in year 2019 was 830. Average annual salary was $46,206 and median salary was $44,158.

How much do substitute teachers make in Dare County?

Substitute Teacher in Nags Head, NC Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Dare County Schools Substitute Teacher salaries – 1 salaries reported Nags Head, NC $21,003/yr

How much do teachers with a master’s degree make in NC?

Earning a master’s degree can be lucrative for North Carolina teachers. A teacher who starts her career with a master’s degree earns $38,500 per year, and her annual salary increases for each year experience up to 25 years.

Is longevity pay a bonus?

Annual bonus payment computed by multiplying $50 X number of years of service not to exceed 25 years.

Where does Dare County School District rank in NC?

Learn more here! Dare County Schools was ranked in the top 5 public school districts in North Carolina by a 2017 report from the Public School Forum. View the full report here.

Is there a Dare County Public School Foundation?

Dare County Schools is one of the few public school districts in the nation to have a public education foundation. L earn how the foundation supports our students. Our high schools are nationally recognized for high SAT scores and high college acceptance rates.

When is Dare County Board of Education meeting?

Learn more about the June 8 Board of Education Meeting, and click here to view the live-video stream. Did You Know? Dare County Schools is excited to offer parents the option of enrolling their rising kindergarten and first-grade students in a Spanish Dual Language classroom. Learn more here!

Where is Manteo High School in Dare County NC?

All schools in Dare County meet or exceed growth each year. Manteo High School is one of the few schools in North Carolina to receive a school grade of A+. S ee how we do it.

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