How much does it cost to live in Bronx NY?

How much does it cost to live in Bronx NY?

The Bronx cost of living is 151.4

COST OF LIVING The Bronx New York
Housing 181.8 132.1
Median Home Cost $456,700 $373,000
Utilities 151.6 115.9
Transportation 190.8 140.7

Is the Bronx low income?

The Bronx remains the poorest borough in the city, with a median household income of $37,525, compared to Manhattan, the richest borough, where the median is $77,559, according to a census analysis by Social Explorer, a research firm.

How much is rent in a NYC housing project?

Rent averages $434 a month. In a Harlem project, a woman rents a 3-bedroom with river views for just over $500 a month.

Is living in the Bronx expensive?

Though the cost of living in The Bronx is far above the median US numbers, it remains close to or a bit below NYC as a whole. For several neighborhoods, living in The Bronx is considered the most affordable option for having a NYC lifestyle without the sticker shock of Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Do NYCHA tenants pay rent?

NYCHA residents pay either 30% of their adjusted gross household income towards rent or pay the flat rent amount, whichever is lower. If 30% of the family’s adjusted gross income is greater than the flat rent, the family’s rent will be set at the flat rent amount.

How much rent is NYCHA?

NYCHA’s FY 2021 Flat Rents

Apartment Size FY 2021 Fair Market Rent NYCHA’s Flat Rent 80% of FY 2021 Fair Market Rent
Studio $1,760 $1,408
1 Bedroom $1,801 $1,441
2 Bedroom $2,053 $1,642
3 Bedroom $2,598 $2,078

Is the Bronx NYC more dangerous than Brooklyn?

The Bronx typically sees less accidents than more populous boroughs like Manhattan, Queens, and especially Brooklyn, but there are still dangerous intersections with high accident rates in this borough. Staten Island is the most difficult borough for which to pin down the single most dangerous intersection.

How do I apply for public housing in NYC?

The New York City Housing Authority accepts applications for public housing via computer. You may begin your application online at If you do not have access to the internet, you may use one of the free com- puter kiosks located at the NYCHA Customer Contact Centers listed (in the sidebar).

What are the best neighborhoods in NYC?

Here are the best neighborhoods in New York for 2018: Charlestown-Richmond Valley (Homes) Carnegie Hill (Homes) Westerleigh-Castleton (Homes) Battery Park (Homes) Greenwich Village (Homes) Tottensville (Homes) North Sutton Area (Homes)

How far is Bronx from New York City?

Distance from New York City to The Bronx. Distance between New York City and The Bronx is 19 kilometers (12 miles). Driving distance from New York City to The Bronx is 24 kilometers (15 miles).

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