Is iPhone 5c good in 2021?

Is iPhone 5c good in 2021?

Is The iPhone 5C Worth Buying In 2021? The short answer to this question is an emphatic NO – the iPhone 5c is not worth buying in 2021. And the reason is simple: it is underpowered and no longer supported by Apple which means it does not get iOS updates anymore. 8 years is a LONG time in the world of mobile phones.

What year was iPhone 5c?

September 20, 2013
iPhone 5c/Dates introduced

What does the C mean in iPhone 5c?

Inside Apple’s iPhone 5c: ‘c’ is for ‘cost’

What is better iPhone 5c or 5S?

The iPhone 5S has a faster processor than the 5C. Processor speed isn’t as big a factor in smartphones as it is in computers (many other things affect overall performance as much as, if not more​ than, processor speed), and the A6 is fast, but the A7 in the iPhone 5S makes that model speedier than the 5C.

Is iPhone 5c still usable?

Apple ended software support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c in 2017. The two devices stayed on iOS 10 and neither will device will get iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, or iOS 15.

How much does an iPhone 5C cost?

The new iPhone 5C costs $728 in China and $735 in the UK.

Is an iPhone 5C bigger than an iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5C comes with a faintly bigger build than the iPhone 5, and it is plastic compared to glass and aluminium . However, we are only talking a couple of millimeters and grams.

What are the features of the iPhone 5C?

Apple iPhone 5c. This more-affordable version of the iPhone 5 puts the same features into a colorful unibody shell. Key features include high-resolution display, Siri voice assistant, AirPlay media streaming, 8-megapixel main camera plus front camera.

What operating system does the iPhone 5C use?

The iPhone 5C features iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. The user interface of iOS is based on the concept of direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. Interlock control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons.

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