What are the main ideas of Mary Parker Follett?

What are the main ideas of Mary Parker Follett?

She advocated a “pull” rather than “push” approach to employee motivation, differentiated between “power over” and “power with,” and postulated insightful ideas on negotiation, conflict resolution and power sharing which helped shape modern management theory.

How many ways of resolving Did Mary Parker Follett suggest?

three ways
Follett says: There are three ways of resolving a conflict: Domination, Compromise and Integration. Domination is a victory of one side over other. This is the easiest way of resolving conflicts.

What is Chester Barnard theory?

Barnard (1938) argued that “willingness of persons to contribute efforts to the cooperative system is indispensable” (p. 84). Barnard’s view of authority, known as acceptance theory of authority, was also revolutionary and is related to leadership theory.

What did Mary Parker Follett do for a living?

With her concern for creative experience, democracy and for developing local community organizations, Mary Parker Follett is an often forgotten, but still deeply instructive thinker for educators, pedagogues and social animateurs.

When did Mary Parker Follett publish her first book?

Follett published another book, “Creative Experience,” in 1924, with more of her ideas about the creative interactions that take place between people in group processes. She credited her work in the settlement house movement with many of her insights.

When did Mary Parker Follett graduate from Radcliffe College?

In 1934, Follett was honored by Radcliffe as one of the college’s most distinguished graduates.

Where did Annie Follett do most of her work?

From 1900 to 1908 Follett became involved in social work in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston (joining the staff of Roxbury Neighborhood House). She had an independent income and was able to throw herself into the work (in much the same way that Jane Addams and others were able to become immersed in settlement activity).


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