What do the colors on a property map mean?

What do the colors on a property map mean?

The colors of the lines usually indicate similar classes of information: topographic contours (brown); lakes, streams, irrigation ditches, and other hydrographic features (blue); land grids and important roads (red); and other roads and trails, railroads, boundaries, and other cultural features (black).

What is the Colour Code of residential building?

Decoding Zoning Colours For Land Mapping

Colour Land use
Light Yellow Main/mixed residential use land
Dark Yellow Mixed residential use properties. Essential services such as grocery store, doctor’s clinic can be permitted. Around 33 per cent commercial activity is permitted in yellow zone.

Which Colour do you use to show land?

The colour white is used to show barren land on topographical sheets.

What Colour is residential?

City Plan and Zoning by Color Codes

Yellow Low Density Residential Area
Orange Middle Density Residential Area
Brown High Density Residential Area
Red Commercial Area
Purple Industrial Area

Are there any colors on a zoning map?

Well, yes, the official maps are not colored, but ‘working’ maps are to make them easier to read at a glance and having the ‘standard’ colors makes that even easier, especially when comparing separate locales. #12 cch …we have a zoning map that just has the district codes and the boundaries of the zoned areas.

What does rural residential mean on a map?

Standard Land Uses and Map Designations. Land Use Definition Typical Zoning* Color. Rural Residential The designation for low-density residential areas that are not suitable or desirable for urban development, generally at densities of one unit per acre or less.

What should the RGB value be for residential activities?

For instance, if residential activities is yellow, make all the subcategories of residential activities shades of yellow. Specify the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values, instead of relying on color names, for consistent reproduction of colors on a printer, plotter, or computer screen.

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