What does it mean to be waitlisted at Berkeley?

What does it mean to be waitlisted at Berkeley?

The waitlist feature allows students to wait in line for classes that are full or have reserved seats. You can add yourself to the waitlist through How to enroll. As seats open up, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled, as described below.

How likely is it to get off Berkeley waitlist?

College Kickstart LLC

Institution Waitlist Offered (2020) Admit Rate (2020)
UC Berkeley 8,753 33%
UC Davis
UC Irvine 18,621 24%
UCLA 14,470 19%

Is the UC Berkeley waitlist ranked?

list is not ranked, our staff will not be able to forecast any student’s chances of being admitted. The percent of students admitted from the wait list depends on the number of enrollment spaces we have available and the number of students who opt-in to the wait list.

Did UC Berkeley waitlist come out?

Waitlists. Fall-term freshman applicants will receive waitlist offers by the end of March, with an opt-in deadline of April 15. Waitlists could extend into the summer based on specific campus enrollment needs. You can accept waitlist offers from multiple campuses, but you can only accept one offer of admission.

What is UC Berkeley acceptance rate 2020?


2020 2019
Applications Admits %
88,066 15,461 16.8%

How does the University of California, Berkeley waitlist work?

For example, you add to the waitlist for LEC 011 and LEC 018. A spot becomes available in LEC 018, so you are enrolled in it. However, once you are enrolled into one of the classes (LEC 018), you will automatically be dropped from the waitlists for the others (LEC 011).

How often does the Office of the Registrar run waitlists?

Waitlist process runs 4x daily from start of enrollment to end of 3rd week. Waitlists can be run manually by staff. Office of the Registrar starts/stops the waitlist process in Campus Solutions.

When to put a student on a waitlist?

If it is a combined section, enrollment capacity of the joint class may have been reached If there are required non enrollment components, the student may be on the waitlist for a non enrollment component which is full, though space is available in the enrollment component How long should my waitlist be?

When does enrollment from the wait list end?

Enrollment from the list will no longer be automatic, and the department may manually run the waitlist or manually enroll students from the waitlist. After the end of the 5th week of the semester, only the College can enroll students. Why is the student on a wait list if there are open seats?

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