What happened to Ronnie O Sullivan?

What happened to Ronnie O Sullivan?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has withdrawn from the Championship League and has been replaced by a player already eliminated from the event. This has angered other snooker players as Mark Joyce was given another chance to redeem himself.

What is Ronnie O’Sullivan worth in pounds?

Overall, the Essex born snooker-titan is estimated to be worth around £10.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. With titles and prize money coming hand in hand, O’Sullivan’s pockets have been well-lined throughout his career – accumulating £11.6m, the most of any player in snooker history.

What is Ronnie O Sullivan’s fastest 147?

five minutes and 20 seconds
Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan made a maximum 147 break in the quickest time ever recorded, five minutes and 20 seconds, in the first round of the 1997 World Championship. O’Sullivan won £147,000 in prize money for the maximum, averaging 8.8 seconds per shot.

Is Ronnie osullivan in the British Open 2021?

Former world snooker number one Ronnie O’Sullivan has withdrawn from the 2021 British Open, the WST announced on Thursday afternoon. The 2020/2021 season saw the 45-year-old Briton reach five ranking finals last year, without landing a single tournament victory, and he will now miss out on August’s event.

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan a millionaire?

Years of snooker prize money and endorsements have seen Ronnie O’Sullivan build a net worth believed to be around $14 million.

What did Ronnie O Sullivan’s dad do?

It was the same year his dad, Ronnie Snr, was jailed for life for murder. And despite winning five world titles he has threatened to quit the sport on numerous occasions. His personal life has been just as turbulent.

Why has Ronnie O’Sullivan pulled out?

O’Sullivan had opened his 30th season on the main tour by topping Group 32 at the Morningside Arena last month with seven points from three matches. However, he has opted to pull out ahead of Stage Two on health grounds, with group runner-up Joyce replacing him.


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