What is specsavers no quibble guarantee?

What is specsavers no quibble guarantee?

If you have any concerns within 100 days of the date of purchase, we will put it right. No quibble, no fuss. If your purchase was made in store simply return it to the store you purchased from who will be able to help.

Will Specsavers give me a refund?

Specsavers will issue a full refund or replacement of goods in all instances where: prescription glasses/sunglasses or contact lenses are supplied to the wrong prescription/specification. products you have ordered are returned to Specsavers as undeliverable by the postal service.

What if I am not happy with my prescription glasses?

Many optical stores offer satisfaction guarantees and will replace the glasses, offer a full refund or a store credit if you have a complaint about the way your glasses look on you. This would be an option within a certain time frame – typically one to four weeks from the date of purchase.

Can I return unused contact lenses to Specsavers?

Can I return contact lenses if I am not happy with them? Yes. If for any reason you’re not happy with the products, contact our Customer Service Department 0808 172 00 72 or complete our online form. We’ll advise you where to return the goods.

Can you return glasses if you don’t like them?

Some optical stores and online sellers guarantee your satisfaction with your eyeglasses — even if you simply don’t like them — by offering a refund or a store credit for the amount you paid for them. If so, you usually must return the glasses within a specified period of time (for example, within 30 days of purchase).

Are specsavers repairs free?

All our glasses and sunglasses come with free lifetime servicing, including minor repairs at no extra cost.

Can I return prescription glasses if I don’t like them?

What are my rights when buying glasses?

In essence, statutory consumer rights state if the service or product supplied is defective then you are entitled to a refund or replacement. To summarise, generally speaking if the glasses are an off-the-shelf purchase (non-prescription for example) you as a consumer are more than likely eligible for a refund.

How do you know if your eye prescription is wrong?

If you experience any of these symptoms for an extended period of time, after the adjustment period, your prescription may be incorrect:

  1. Extreme blurring of vision.
  2. Lack of focus.
  3. Poor vision when one eye is closed.
  4. Excessive eye strain.
  5. Headaches or dizziness.
  6. Vertigo or nausea, unrelated to a medical condition.

Why can’t I see up close with my glasses on?

The reason for this is that with a myopic (nearsighted) eye being larger than normal, your default focal point is somewhere at near rather than off at the horizon as in a normal eye. This is of no benefit when you are young, so it is possible to wear contact lenses and still use your accommodation to see up close.

Can I take my own frames to Specsavers?

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can turn almost all of our glasses frames into prescription sunglasses – all we do is add a sun tint with UV or polarising lenses. So you can get your own pair of customised prescription sunglasses.

When do you want to hear from Specsavers?

No quibble, no fuss. We want your experience with Specsavers to be enjoyable and for you to be completely happy with us. If anything has happened for this not to be the case, we really want to hear from you. And remember, if you have any concerns within 100 days of the date of purchase, we will put it right.

Is it safe to buy Specsavers frames online?

Customers are therefore advised that Specsavers frames purchased from unauthorised online auction websites may be second-hand, stolen or copies. If you are concerned about the authenticity of the product you should contact your local store. You can find more information about how we use and protect your personal information in our privacy policy.

How are the pre-checks for Specsavers done?

The pre-checks consisted of a photograph of the back of my eyes, a test which included a puff of air to the eyes to check for diseases such as glucoma (one of my least favourite parts, although not as bad as I remembered) and then a distance test which consisted of looking along a long road with a hot air balloon at the end.

How much does a pair of Specsavers cost?

Time for a whole new pair then! One of the things I find good about Specsavers is their range and the ability to see the different price options open to you. Their range starts at £25 and then from £69 there is a 2 for 1 offer on your selection.

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