What is the meaning of haggard face?

What is the meaning of haggard face?

1 of a hawk : not tamed. 2a : wild in appearance. b : having a worn or emaciated appearance : gaunt haggard faces looked up sadly from out of the straw— W. M. Thackeray.

What does the word convert?

: to change (something) into a different form or so that it can be used in a different way. : to change to a different system, method, etc. : to change from one form or use to another.

What is a haggard in Ireland?

Collins English Dictionary describes Haggard as follows – “Haggard – (in Ireland and the Isle of Man) – an enclosure beside a farmhouse in which crops are stored. Related to old Norse Heygarthr, from hey hay + garthr yard.” [4] Many believe that this word may have a Scandanavian or Norse origin.

What is the definition of Rancho?

rancho. / (ˈrɑːntʃəʊ) / noun plural -chos Southwestern US. a hut or group of huts for housing ranch workers. another word for ranch.

What does Covertness mean?

Definitions of covertness. the state of being covert and hidden. synonyms: hiddenness. type of: concealment, privacy, privateness, secrecy. the condition of being concealed or hidden.

What is the base word of disenchantment?

The noun comes from disenchant, “cause to be disappointed,” rooted in dis-, “do the opposite of,” and enchant, “charm or cast a spell on.” Definitions of disenchantment.

What does convergent look like?

If two forces are acting on two separate objects pushing them toward each other, one object will slide under while the other over. The two plates do not simply crush each other. Usually the plate with the greatest density slips on top of the plate with the lower density.

What is your understanding of convergent?

A tectonic boundary where two plates are moving toward each other. If the two plates are of equal density, they usually push up against each other, forming a mountain chain. If they are of unequal density, one plate usually sinks beneath the other in a subduction zone.

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