What is the synonym of feedback?

What is the synonym of feedback?

response, reaction, comment, report. estimation, assessment, critique, criticism, view, opinion, commentary, observation, interpretation, study, analysis, evaluation, judgement, rating.

What’s another way to say market leading?

What is another word for market leader?

bestseller blockbuster
wow chartbuster
smash hit winner
moneymaker money-spinner
brand leader number one

What is a synonym for being a trend?

Synonyms: To be, or to become popular or fashionable. catch on. boom. come in.

What’s another term for feedback loop?

Alternate Synonyms for “feedback loop”: feedback circuit; circuit; electrical circuit; electric circuit.

What’s another word for best-in-class?

What is another word for best in class?

industry leading number one
best bestselling
dominant foremost
leading superior
top premier

How do you say something has become popular?


  1. allure.
  2. attract.
  3. become popular.
  4. bewitch.
  5. charm.
  6. delight.
  7. draw.
  8. entertain.

How do you say something is popular?

synonyms for popular

  1. attractive.
  2. beloved.
  3. famous.
  4. fashionable.
  5. favored.
  6. prominent.
  7. suitable.
  8. trendy.

What’s an example of positive feedback?

The release of oxytocin from the posterior pituitary gland during labor is an example of positive feedback mechanism. Oxytocin stimulates the muscle contractions that push the baby through the birth canal. The release of oxytocin result in stronger or augmented contractions during labor.

How to rate the stock market trend signal?

From 20 votes. Please wait… If you’ve subscribed to Market Trend Signal, please click the stars below to indicate your rating for this newsletter, and please share any other feedback about your experience using the comment box below. Rating: 2.9 /5.

Which is the best synonym for the word feedback?

other words for feedback. MOST RELEVANT. assessment. comment. criticism. evaluation. observation. reaction. answer.

What do you mean by feedback in Freakonomics?

(BONUS EPISODE) MARIA KONNIKOVASEPTEMBER 12, 2020 FREAKONOMICS That plane—still a work in progress in California—is intended to be a demonstrator craft that NASA will fly over the US to gauge public feedback in response to what the agency refers to as the plane’s “thump,” or quiet sonic boom.

Is there a way to read feedback from Google?

After the beta received positive feedback, the pair expanded to a full-scale operation. And, at the moment, there seems to be no surefire way for Google to transform these signals into rankings, except to read the feedback of their quality raters before each algorithm update.


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