What is the synonym of lazy?

What is the synonym of lazy?

The words indolent and slothful are common synonyms of lazy. While all three words mean “not easily aroused to activity,” lazy suggests a disinclination to work or to take trouble.

What is another name for plot line?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for story line, like: plot, , story, happen, storylines, subplot, words, plotline, back-story, storyline and dark comedy.

What is synonym for numb?

deprived of sensation, without feeling, numbed, benumbed, dead, deadened, desensitized, insensible, insensate, senseless, unfeeling. anaesthetized, drugged. dazed, stunned, stupefied, in shock, paralysed, petrified, immobilized, frozen, chilled.

What is the meaning of numbness?

1 : unable to feel anything in a particular part of your body especially as a result of cold or anesthesia It was so cold that my fingers went numb. 2 : unable to think, feel, or react normally because of something that shocks or upsets you : indifferent He stood there numb with fear. numb. verb. numbed; numbing.

What is a nice way to say someone is lazy?

INDOLENT. This word has been used to mean ‘slothful’, ‘lazy’, or ‘idle’ since at least the early eighteenth century. What has sluggish, a fine synonym meaning ‘lazy’, to do with slugs? It’s pretty self-explanatory, given slugs’ slow-moving habits.

What is another word for Main Events?

What is another word for main event?

centerpieceUS core
cornerstone foundation
hub focus
linchpin highlight
flagship climax

What subplot means?

subordinate plot
1 : a subordinate plot in fiction or drama. 2 : a subdivision of an experimental plot of land.

What do you call a numb person?

Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. You may feel “numbed” or “muted.” This is known as emotional blunting, and it’s typically a symptom or issue that should be addressed by a mental health provider.

What do we call Sunn in English?

numb adjective. If you are numb with shock or fear, you are so shocked or frightened that you cannot think clearly or feel any emotion. /sunna, sunn/

How do you deal with numbness?

The following strategies may help relieve the stress that leads to temporary emotional numbness:

  1. engaging in regular physical activity.
  2. trying relaxation exercises.
  3. eating a healthful diet.
  4. getting enough sleep.
  5. identifying triggers and finding new ways to approach them.

What does the name Hanju mean in Korean?

Keep reading to find the user submitted meanings, dictionary definitions, and more. A submission from Philippines says the name Hanju means “One week” and is of Korean origin. Search for more names by meaning . Thanks!

What does the word Hanyu mean in Chinese?

What does 汉语 (Hànyǔ) mean in Chinese? Your browser does not support audio. What does 汉语 (Hànyǔ) mean in Chinese? Find more words! Video Player is loading.

What does [unk] [unk] ( Hanyu ) mean in Chinese?

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How often is the first name Hanju spelled backwards?

Out of 6,122,890 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Hanju was not present. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Weird things about the name Hanju: The name spelled backwards is Ujnah. A random rearrangement of the letters in the name (anagram) will give Hnuja.

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