What type of company is inktel?

What type of company is inktel?

Founded in 1997 in Miami, Florida is a leading BPO (Business Process Outsource) organization. Inktel boasts an impressive portfolio of clients including Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries, established government agencies, and public sector clients….Inktel.

Type Private
Website http://www.inktel.com

Where is Inktel located?

Founded in 1997, Inktel is headquartered in Miami with six offices across the country.

How many employees does inktel have?

Inktel Contact Center Solutions has 1,001 to 5,000 employees. Where are Inktel Contact Center Solutions headquarters?

Does inktel pay weekly?

Do they pay weekly or biweekly in Orlando, FL? They pay semi monthly.

Who owns inktel?

Ricky Arriola, CEO and founder of Inktel Holdings Corp. In the late 1990s and amid the rise of the internet age, Miami native Ricky Arriola realized companies weren’t keeping up with the pace of growth — and their customer service was suffering most.

Where are the offices of Inktel in Miami?

Additionally, Inktel and its employees serve their communities through charitable and community partnerships with national and local organizations. Founded in 1997, Inktel is headquartered in Miami with six offices across the country.

What does Inktel contact center solutions stand for?

Inktel Contact Center Solutions strives to enhance the customer experience by providing superior customer support for industry-leading brands that span commercial industries, educational institutions and government agencies.

What are the pros and cons of working at Inktel?

The employees and managers are all nice and try to make work exciting by having themed dress up days or incentives to meet certain goals. There are pros and cons to this job just like everywhere else.

What to avoid when working at Inktel Florida?

AVOID AT ALL COSTS (unless you want to work at a job where you phone it in with the Florida staff as they dismiss you while you serve an entirely pleasant local staff with their easy issues. If you’re someone who desires growth and dialogue though, this job will offer you nothing)

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