When did shireoaks colliery close?

When did shireoaks colliery close?

In 1945, the Shireoaks Colliery Company was sold to United Steel Companies and on nationalisation came under the control of the National Coal Board. The pit closed in 1991.

When did agecroft colliery close?

March 1991
Final years of operation. Some workers at the pit participated in the miners’ strike in 1984–85. The colliery closed in March 1991 and demolition began later that year.

What is mined in a colliery?

Steel and cement industries use coal as a fuel for extraction of iron from iron ore and for cement production. In the United Kingdom and South Africa, a coal mine and its structures are a colliery, a coal mine is called a ‘pit’, and the above-ground structures are a ‘pit head’.

What was a colliery Onsetter?

A banksman, banker, hillman or browman works at the pit bank to dispatch the coals, and organise the workforce. He is in charge of loading or unloading the cage, drawing full tubs from the cages and replacing them with empty ones. The counterpart role at pit bottom is the onsetter.

What does sinking a pit mean?

to dig a deep hole in the ground. Drilling companies are beginning to sink exploratory wells in the area. Synonyms and related words.

When did Ollerton colliery shut?

Once you crossed that picket line, you go to the grave a scab.” Arthur left the colliery in 1993, two years before the Ollerton pit closed in 1995.

When did Cotgrave colliery open?

The Cotgrave coal mine opened in the 1960s and employed up to 2,000 miners when it was in full production, but closed in the early 1990s.

Is Miner and minor?

A miner is a person who makes a living digging coal, salt, gold, minerals, or other natural resources out of the earth. Don’t confuse miner with minor (note the “o”). Minor refers to musical intervals, small or trivial things, and people under age 18.

What was a Stallman?

: one who keeps a stall for selling goods (such as books)

Where was the first colliery in the UK?

The other collieries were Shireoaks, Steetley (originally ‘Manor Pits, Darfoulds’), Clowne Southgate and Harry Crofts (near Kiveton). Shireoaks Colliery Co. obtained the lease to sink Whitwell Colliery on Belph Moor in February, 1890 and His Grace, the sixth Duke of Portland lifted the first sod on Saturday, 24th May 1890.

Who was the founder of the Grange of Shireoaks?

The manor or grange of Shireoaks formed part of the possessions of the Priory of Worksop, to which it was given by Emma de Lovetot, the founder’s wife, and her gift was confirmed and increased by her son Richard.

How did the Shireoaks tree get its name?

SHIREOAKS, no doubt, derived its name from a group of oak trees which stood at the junction of the three counties of Derby, Nottingham, and York. The survivor of these is specially described by Evelyn in his “Sylva,” as a tree of remarkable size.

Where was the sporting ground in Shireoaks located?

The Prior of Worksop obtained a charter of free warren, 14 Edward I., among other places in “Shiraks,” which is there described as in “Yorkshere,” i.e. no doubt, the upper part of the park and Scratta, where the sporting ground would be. This entirely agrees with the survey above-named.

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