Where is PAYE number on payslip?

Where is PAYE number on payslip?

The PAYE reference number generally looks something like this: 576/ HK56200. Your payslip will show your tax code – the type of tax you are paying. It will also show the category of National Insurance you are paying.

Where can I find my PAYE reference without P60?

Can’t Find Your Tax Reference?

  1. Make contact with your previous employer who can provide you with copy payslips/P60’s/P45’s etc or even just provide you with the tax office reference number.
  2. Contact HMRC by phone or in writing to request the details.

How do I get an e file PAYE number?


  1. Logon to eFiling.
  2. Navigate to SARS Registered Details functionality:
  3. Select SARS Registered Details.
  4. The Maintain SARS Registered Details screen will display.
  5. Select the Payrolls taxes menu item under My tax products > Revenue on the left menu.
  6. Select Add new product registration to register new or additional PAYE:

Can you register for PAYE Online?

You can register your business for a PAYE/UIF number with SARS online. The online form takes about 1 minute to complete. The company’s PAYE/UIF number and proof therof will be e-mailed with 5 working days.

What is my companies PAYE number?

You can find your employer’s reference number from several sources: In the Yellow Booklet supplied by HMRC when you first registered as an employer. On any historic payslip, P45, P60 or P11D issued to past or present employees. Other correspondence from HMRC about PAYE.

What is PAYE tax number?

Income tax number is for your personal income tax or corporation tax. PAYE reference number is for an Employer who deducts and pays PAYE (i.e. employee’s tax) to SARS on behalf of employees.

How do I find my Employer PAYE reference?

When you register as an employer, HMRC send an employer’s welcome pack which will include your PAYE reference number. If you lose this, you will also be able to find it on letter or emails about PAYE from HMRC. It also appears on any P45s or P60s for previous or current employees.

When do I enter my PAYE reference number?

18 July 2014 at 12:14. The PAYE reference number is what the employer has as his code, it starts with a 7 and is 10 digits in length. The tax reference number is your tax number.

What does the HMRC PAYE reference number mean?

* Is receiving a state or occupational pension. Once registered, the HMRC will issue a PAYE reference number for the employer. The PAYE reference number usually consists of 3 numbers, followed by 2 letters and then followed by 4 to 6 numbers, e.g. 123AB456789. What does the employer reference number mean?

What does the employer reference number mean on a tax return?

What does the employer reference number mean? The first three digits tell you which tax office your employer is registered to, e.g. the tax reference number starts with 120, then the tax office is North East Metropolitan. Where can I find my tax or PAYE reference number?

How can I find out my tax office reference number?

The first part of the reference is made up of three numbers which will correspond to a particular tax office and informs HMRC which tax office looks after that particular employer. The second part of the reference can be a combination or letters and/or numbers which will identify the employer the reference belongs to.

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