Where is the glide slope antenna located?

Where is the glide slope antenna located?

Glide Slope. The glide-slope equipment is housed in a building approximately 750 to 1,250 feet down the runway from the approach end of the runway, and between 400 and 600 feet to one side of the centerline.

What is a glide slope in aviation?

1 : the proper path of descent for an aircraft preparing to land especially : such a path indicated by a radio beam. 2 : the radio beam that marks a glide slope.

What is a glide path in aviation?

Glide Path:- The glide path component of ILS �provides vertical guidance to the pilot during the approach. Glide path �is located 750 to 1,250 feet (ft) down the runway from the threshold (shown above), offset 400 to 600 ft from the runway centre line.

Where is the glide slope antenna on a runway?

The glide slope antenna is generally just to one side of the runway and positioned adjacent to the desired touchdown zone for landing aircraft – in other words, the glide slope brings aircraft to a point several hundred metres along the runway, not to the very beginning of the runway.

Where does the glide slope signal come from?

A glide slope station uses an antenna array sited to one side of the runway touchdown zone. The GS signal is transmitted on a carrier signal using a technique similar to that for the localizer. The centre of the glide slope signal is arranged to define a glide path of approximately 3° above horizontal (ground level).

What does the instrument landing system glide path mean?

Instrument landing system glide path, commonly referred to as a glide path ( G/P) or glide slope ( G/S ), is “a system of vertical guidance embodied in the instrument landing system which indicates the vertical deviation of the aircraft from its optimum path of descent”, according to Article 1.106 of the ITU Radio Regulations (ITU RR).

Where does the GP antenna go on a glideslope?

The GP beam will thus appear to emanate from the base of the GP mast and not from the reflection area. You then stagger the GP transmitter antennas laterally to distort the radiation pattern and have the GP center on the runway centerline instead of the base of the mast.

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