Where is the shared folder in VMware Linux?

Where is the shared folder in VMware Linux?

In a Linux virtual machine, shared folders appear under /mnt/hgfs.

How do I map a shared folder in VMware?


  1. Start Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to My Computer or Computer.
  3. Run the command to map a network drive. Option. Description. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Click Map Network Drive.
  4. Select a drive to map.
  5. In the Folder field, type \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\ .
  6. Click Finish.

How do I access shared folders in VMware workstation?

How to configure Shared Folder in VMware Workstation

  1. Select the VM on which you want to configure shared folder. Right click on the VM.
  2. Go to Options Tab. Select Shared Folders.
  3. Share folder wizard starts. Click Next to continue.
  4. Click on Browse and select the folder which you want to share inside your virtual machine.

How do I access a shared folder in Linux Mint?

Once you can see the file or folder, right click it and select ‘Sharing Options’ from the drop down menu. In the sharing dialog box, click share this (file or folder) and, if you wish, you can permit others to create and delete files and also allow guest access to the data.

How do I open a shared folder in Linux terminal?

Access a Windows shared folder from Linux, using the command line

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Type smbclient at the command prompt.
  3. If you receive a “Usage:” message, this means smbclient is installed, and you can skip to the next step.

How do I share a folder in Linux Mint 19?

First, open Nemo File Manager and go to your Home folder. You should see a Public folder there. Right click the Public folder and then click Sharing Options.

How do I access a shared folder in Windows 10 from Linux?

How to connect to Linux Samba shares from Windows 10

  1. This PC right-click menu.
  2. Select the location for your custom network.
  3. Entering the IP address of your Samba server.
  4. Giving your share a name.
  5. Your share is ready.
  6. Image: Jack Wallen.

Where to Mount shared folders in Linux VMware?

After you enable a shared folder, you can mount one or more directories or subdirectories in the shared folder to any location in the file system in addition to the default location of /mnt/hgfs. Depending on the kernel version of the Linux guest operating system, VMware Tools uses different components to provide shared-folder functionality.

How to unmount a VMware share in Linux?

You can unmount the VMware share mounted in the ~/testshare directory with the following command: To allow any user on the Linux VM to access the mounted VMware share, use the allow_other mount option while mounting the VMware share. Now, you should be able to access the mounted VMware share without sudo or superuser privileges.

How do I share a VM with another VM?

Select a directory/folder that you want to share to the VMware VM and click on OK. If you want to create a new directory, select a directory (parent) where you want to create a new directory, type in a Folder name and click on Make New Folder.

How to mount a VM on a Linux VM?

The command to mount a VMware share on a Linux VM is: $ sudo mount -t fuse.vmhgfs-fuse -o >< MountOptions >.host: /< VMwareShareName > < MountPathOnVM > To mount the VMware share testshare on the ~/testshare directory, run the following command: $ sudo mount -t fuse.vmhgfs-fuse.host: / testshare~ / testshare

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