Who are the members of Shimla Municipal Corporation?

Who are the members of Shimla Municipal Corporation?

Established in 1851, the Shimla Municipal Corporation is an elected body comprising 34 councillors, three of whom are nominated by the government of Himachal Pradesh. The nominations are based on prominence in the fields of social service, academics, and other activities. Thirty-three percent of the seats are reserved for women.

What’s the weather like in Shimla in the summer?

The climate in Shimla is predominantly cool during winters and moderately warm during summer. Temperatures typically range from −4 °C (25 °F) to 31 °C (88 °F) over the course of a year. The average temperature during summer is between 19 and 28 °C (66 and 82 °F), and between −1 and 10 °C (30 and 50 °F) in winter.

Which is the nearest city to Shimla in India?

Shimla is well-connected by road network to all major cities in north India and to all major towns and district headquarters within the state. (Formerly NH 22) connects Shimla to the nearest big city of Chandigarh.

When did Shimla become the capital of Punjab?

History. In addition, Shimla was the capital of the undivided state of Punjab in 1871, and remained so until the construction of the new city of Chandigarh (the present-day capital of the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana ). Upon the formation of the state of Himachal Pradesh in 1971, Shimla was named its capital.

How tall is Shimla in relation to the Himalayas?

Shimla is on the south-western ranges of the Himalayas at 31°37′N 77°06′E / 31.61°N 77.10°E / 31.61; 77.10. It has an average altitude of 2,206 metres (7,238 ft) above mean sea level and extends along a ridge with seven spurs.

Why was Shimla chosen as the British summer capital?

The climatic conditions attracted the British to establish the city in the dense forests of Himalayas. As the summer capital, Shimla hosted many important political meetings including the Simla Accord of 1914 and the Simla Conference of 1945.

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