Who can attest as gazetted officer?

Who can attest as gazetted officer?

the President of India
Gazetted officers are Class I and Class II government officers, whose transfers, appointments, promotions and superannuation’s are published on an yearly basis in the official Gazette of India Their authority to attest comes from the President of India, and so their signature is currently required for attesting the …

What is gazetted officer post?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked government officers in India. If a person’s name is published in the Gazette of India or any state government gazette, he/she is called Gazetted. Any appointment released and published in the government gazette is called a gazetted appointment.

Can a gazetted officer refuses to attest documents?

Any other information so gazetted officer do not refuse to attest the document to any citizen.

Does notary come under gazetted officer?

From the above discussion, we can conclude that a notary is not a gazetted officer. Though the names of notaries need to be published in the official gazette of the government as per the provisions of Section 6 of the Notaries Act, 1952, it does not make him or her a gazetted officer.

Are lawyers gazetted officers?

The Magistrate and others above the ranking of magistrates are gazetted, officers. Officers in the Armed Force are belonging to the group A category. Indian notary advocates have the power of attestation but the difference is that they are not considered as the gazetted officers in India.

Are doctors gazetted officers?

CONCLUSION. Doctors who are employed with the Government of India (whether State or Central) are regarded as gazetted officers whose signature and the stamp are valid for attestation and verification of the documents. Employees with the government are gazetted officers fit to attest documents.

What is the purpose of a gazetted officer stamp?

The Gazetted Officer who puts the stamp, along with this authority, becomes responsible to check and verify that the person actually exists. The purpose of the Attestation is to make sure that the person is legally authentic. An Official can not attest a document, without identifying the person.

Where do you put self attested on a council application?

Documents required to be submitted with the application by candidates for competitive recruitment examination of officers/ staff of Council. Candidates should put his/her full signature with date under the words ‘self-attested’ on each of the pages of the documents submitted by them.

Where do you put the date on a self attested document?

Candidates should put his/her full signature with date under the words ‘self-attested’ on each of the pages of the documents submitted by them. However authority concerned may call for original documents any time for verification.

What do I need to go to the gazetted officer?

You would need to reach the Gazetted Officer, with your valid original ID proof and its copy to get your documents attested. It is, generally, required when applying for:

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