Who were the most important Confederate generals?

Who were the most important Confederate generals?

The most famous of them is General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, probably the best known Confederate commander after General Robert E. Lee.

Who was the main Confederate Southern general during the Civil War?

Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general who led the South’s attempt at secession during the Civil War. He challenged Union forces during the war’s bloodiest battles, including Antietam and Gettysburg, before surrendering to Union General Ulysses S.

Who was the best Confederate general in the Civil War?

Robert E. Lee had a distinguished army career. He was also considered a national war hero for defeating many Mexican armies. Q: How many Confederate soldiers were there? It is estimated that 750,000 to 1 million soldiers had fought in the Confederate Army, nearly half of the Union Army.

Who were important Confederate figures during the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Clara Barton, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Stonewall Jackson and William Tecumseh Sherman played notable roles before, during and after the conflict.

Who was the worst Confederate general?

Bragg is generally considered among the worst generals of the Civil War. Most of the battles in which he engaged ended in defeat….Braxton Bragg.

General Braxton Bragg
Service/branch United States Army Confederate States Army
Years of service 1837–1856 (USA) 1861–1865 (CSA)

Who was the greatest general ever?

Napoleon Bonaparte After 43 battles, he has a WAR score of more than 16, which blows the competition away. There can be no question: Napoleon is the greatest tactical general of all time, and the math proves it.

Who is the most famous general in history?

Arguably the most famous general after George Washington, George S. Patton is the personification of what many Americans think a general should be (or more specifically George C.

Is there a Confederate Bible?

Bibles for the Confederacy This is one of eleven known remaining copies of the New Testament issued by the Confederate Bible Society during the Civil War.

Who was the youngest Confederate general?

General John Bell Hood
Did you know? Confederate General John Bell Hood was the youngest officer on either side of the Civil War to independently lead an army, having been promoted to command of the Army of Tennessee at the age of just 33.

Who is the greatest general ever?

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