Why is RPC Server Unavailable?

Why is RPC Server Unavailable?

Possible causes of the “RPC server unavailable” error include the following: Traffic blocked by firewall: A firewall or other security application on the server, or a network firewall appliance between the client and server, may be preventing traffic from reaching the server on TCP port 135.

How do I know if my RPC server is available?

Method 1: Making Sure that the RPC Services are Properly Functioning

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key +R.
  2. When you see the Run dialog box, type “services.
  3. Look for the items named DCOM Server Process Launcher, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), and RPC Endpoint Mapper.

Is it safe to disable RPC?

Cause. This problem may occur if you disable the RPC service. Many Windows operating system procedures depend on the RPC service. Microsoft recommends that you don’t disable the RPC service.

What is RPC connection?

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol that one program can use to request a service from a program located in another computer on a network without having to understand the network’s details. A procedure call is also sometimes known as a function call or a subroutine call.

What is the use of RPC ports?

By default, RPC uses ports in the ephemeral port range (1024-5000) when it assigns ports to RPC applications that have to listen on a TCP endpoint. This behavior can make restricting access to these ports challenging for network administrators.

Is the RPC server unavailable in Group Policy Management?

I tried to update group policy management but an error code 800706ba appeared with the error description The RPC Server is unavailable. I have disabled all of the firewall, check network configurations and services but to no avail still not working.

How to fix RPC server is unavailable error?

Right-click Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception, and then click Properties. Click Enabled, and then click OK. Check whether the system is up and running when the scan is performed.

Why is my RPC not working in Windows 10?

Either the RPC service is not running, there are issues with the network, or some important registry entries that control the RPC service have been corrupted. In Windows 10, the most common cause for the error is that the RPC service is simply not running.

Why is my Group Policy Wizard not working?

If you don’t use Windows Firewall, you may have another security software that block the communication. Also, check if the account you use to run the wizard is part of the local administrators of the Windows 10 computers. We use Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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