What does Cito mean?

What does Cito mean?


Acronym Definition
CITO Communications and Information Technology Ontario
CITO Chief Information Technology Officer
CITO Class Integration and Test Order
CITO Come into the Office (sales strategy)

What does Buta mean in Latino?

Buta: transliteration of a low word for “prostitute”. Used here as an exclamation (like “God damn”, but very rude).

What is a CITA in English?

to quote, to cite; to make an appointment with; to summon (to court), to subpoena.

How do you spell papasito?

papasito {masculine} daddy {noun} [dim.]

What is the full form of Sito?

The abbreviation SITO stands for sold inside, ticketed outside. This refers to an airline ticket that has been bought from the country that features in the travel itinerary, but has been issued from a country that doesn’t feature in the journey.

What is Sal French?

sal, (malpropre) grubby, Adj. unclean, Adj. unhygienic, Adj. dirty, Adj.

What does putana mean in Spanish?

prostitute. More meanings for putana. trollop noun. ramera, meretriz, hija de puta, pindonga.

What is buta in Japanese?

豚 (buta) is the Japanese word for pig.

What is CITA short for?


Acronym Definition
CITA Christ Is the Answer
CITA Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
CITA Caught in the Act (band)
CITA Center for Information Technology Accommodation (US; now the GSA IT Accommodation Division)

What does Cito mean in Spanish?

Origin and Meaning of Cito. A user from Pennsylvania, United States says the name Cito is of Spanish origin and means “Legendary”.

What does Cito mean in Latin?

The Latin word cito in English is to put into quick motion, quickened. In English, the translation of cito (the Latin word). To put into quick motion, quickened.

What does the Spanish word ‘Poquito’ mean?

The name Paquito is of Spanish origin . The meaning of Paquito is “free”. Paquito is generally used as a boy’s name. It consists of 7 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced Pa-qui-to.

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