What happened to Brent Steffensen on American Ninja Warrior?

What happened to Brent Steffensen on American Ninja Warrior?

Although, one of his more well-known runs is the Season 9 City Qualifier run where he went incognito as Arthur Hickenlooper, an 81-year old retired postman. Currently, Brent Steffensen works outside American Ninja Warrior as a motivational speaker and presenter.

Did Brent Steffensen win ANW?

Again, the winner would have received $500,000 and the coveted American Ninja Warrior title. Brent Steffensen became the first contestant to complete the ultimate cliffhanger….Southwest Regional Finals.

Order # 5
Competitor Brent Steffensen
Outcome Completed
Obstacle/Result 3:18.03

Are Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffensen still together?

I have something very sad to tell you: Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro, the royal couple of American Ninja Warrior, broke up.

How old is Brent Steffensen?

41 years (July 18, 1980)
Brent Steffensen/Age

Who is Jesse labreck dating?

Chris DiGangi
Labreck currently lives with fellow ANW veteran Chris DiGangi and they are currently engaged.

Where is Kacy Catanzaro now?

Now, Kacy tag-teams with wrestler Kayden Carter and is currently dating fellow WWE wrestler Ricochet. Wrestling may not be what Kacy wants to do long-term. She took a break for a few months, explaining the reason in a video on the WWE YouTube channel. She said, “This is people’s dreams since they’re born.

Who did Kacy Catanzaro date?

Catanzaro spent two years training for American Ninja Warrior alongside her then-boyfriend and co-competitor Brent Steffensen.

How old is Tiana webberley?

Contestants on American Ninja Warrior have legions of fans, but there is one participant who has everyone cheering: Tiana Webberley. The 29-year-old first made an appearance on American Ninja Warrior in 2015.

Who is Brent Steffensen on American Ninja Warrior?

Of his nine seasons on the show, Brent failed to reach the Finals only one time. Not only is he a long time competitor, but Brent Steffensen is also the first American Ninja Warrior to clear the Ultimate Cliffhanger obstacle. Brent Steffensen also has competed on Ninja Vs. Ninja as team captain of Team Alpha all three seasons.

When did Brent Steffensen qualify for Sasuke 27?

Steffensen clearing the First Stage in SASUKE 26 with 8.2 seconds left. Steffensen then competed in American Ninja Warrior 3 and successfully qualified for SASUKE 27. There, despite slipping on the Spin Bridge, he once again cleared the First Stage, this time with over 32 seconds left on the clock.

Where did Brent go on American Ninja Warrior 8?

In American Ninja Warrior 8, Brent competed in the Oklahoma Region once again with Kacy (whom he was revealed to no longer be dating). He was doing good in the Qualifiers completing the first 4 obstacles, but shocked everyone when he failed the Bar Hop.

Where did Brent Steffensen lose his grip on the Roulette Cylinder?

He struggled for over thirty seconds on the Roulette Cylinder, and struggled to lock on his grip on the Doorknob Grasper, briefly hanging on by just one hand at one point. He managed to battle his way to the Ultimate Cliffhanger, but ultimately lost his grip at the end of the third ledge.

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