When does Eyeshield 21 come out on DVD?

When does Eyeshield 21 come out on DVD?

The production of anime Eyeshield 21 was announced by Weekly Shōnen Jump at the end of 2004. Eyeshield 21 aired between April 6, 2005 and March 19, 2008 on TV Tokyo. [6] [7] The episodes were later released in thirty-six DVD compilations between July 22, 2005 and June 25, 2008 by Bandai Visual .

Who are the main characters in Eyeshield 21?

The series tells the story of Sena Kobayakawa, an introverted boy who joins an American football club as a secretary, but after being coerced by Yoichi Hiruma, turns out to play wearing an eyeshield and the number 21, under the pseudonym of “Eyeshield 21”.

What happens at the end of Eyeshield 21?

The Devil Bats are sure to lose the game. However, Eyeshield 21 is determined to get past Shin. Eyeshield 21 runs into the Ojo White Knights’ Sakuraba, who goes onto the field accidentally to retrieve his last promotional sticker from his idol manager, Miracle Ito.

Who are the White Knights in Eyeshield 21?

They are the main rivals of the Deimon Devil Bats throughout most of the series, and the team’s star linebacker Seijuro Shin is Sena’s first and most prominent rival. The White Knights are a strong team with a major focus on their stringent defense. Ojo Private Senior High uniforms, as worn by Haruto Sakuraba and Koharu Wakana.

Who is the director of the series Eyeshield?

The series is directed by Masayoshi Nishida and produced by TV Tokyo, NAS and Gallop. The plot of the episodes follows Sena Kobayakawa, a student who becomes an American football player against his desire but eventually becomes the star of the team, wearing an eyeshield to protect his identity.

When did Eyeshield 21 Phantom Golden Bowl come out?

Two original video animations (OVA) based on the Eyeshield 21 manga series were developed. The first one, named The Phantom Golden Bowl, was developed by Production I.G and shown as part of the Jump Festa Anime Tour on September 2003 and in Jump Festa 2004.

When did the first Eyeshield episode come out?

Section23 Films through Sentai Filmworks released the first fifty-two episodes on four subtitled-only DVDs between May 18, 2010 and February 8, 2011. The series use twelve pieces of theme music: five opening and seven ending themes.


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