When did the Aceh earthquake happen in 2016?

When did the Aceh earthquake happen in 2016?

The 2016 Aceh earthquake (Indonesian: Gempa Aceh 2016) struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra with a Mw of 6.5 in Aceh province on 7 December 2016, at 05:03 WIB (22:03 UTC 6 December 2016). The shock was reported to be at a depth of 13 km, categorized as a strong, shallow earthquake.

Why did the sea retreat after the Aceh earthquake?

Because of the Fault geometry, the waves propagating to the East (towards Thailand and Myanmar) begin with a receding wave, which explains why the sea started to retreat minutes before flooding the coast.

Which is the most earthquake prone city in Aceh?

The Head of the Geology Office, Ego Syahrial, stated that Pidie Jaya Regency was included as one of the most earthquake-prone cities in Aceh and was in the red zone. In the initial hours after the earthquake, structures across Aceh were reported to have been severely damaged. The dome of the Samalanga Mosque, Pidie’s central mosque, had collapsed.

When was the last earthquake in Southeast Asia?

A magnitude 9 earthquake also occured further south on the trench in 1833. The figure in the left box depicts the crustal displacements and deformation pattern in SouthEast Asia, determined by GPS campaigns conducted under the GEODYSSEAand SEAMERGESprograms since 1994 up to present (courtesy of W. Simons and A. Socquet, DEOS).


Where was Banda Aceh during the 2004 tsunami?

A 2004 Tsunami survivor story. It was boxing day 2004 and Mrs Rinaldiana was walking near her home in Banda Aceh, Sumatra. “Suddenly, I saw the buildings move, shaken hard,” she said. People running from the shore shouted that the sea was rising.

Who was the regent of Pidie Jaya during the earthquake?

The regent of Pidie Jaya, Aiyub Abbas, stated that approximately 30% of the area of Pidie Jaya was severely affected by the quake and also stated that he will travel back to Pidie Jaya after his duty visit to Istana Negara. Emergency services were overwhelmed in the aftermath of the quake.

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